Blizzard’s free to play game Hearthstone has gone a long way since its debut on the Android and iOS platforms long ago. After a recent announcement, finally, Blizzard has revealed the very first expansion for Hearthstone’s new storyline, which will take place over the remaining months of this year. Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows is coming next month. It includes two options for pre-purchasing and is going to feature a dark and evil theme


Hearthstone’s new update this year is completely related to the dark side.

The brand new 135 cards in Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows will feature the new alliance of rising villains. What starts in Rising of Shadows is the premise for the whole storyline that Blizzard will eventually reveal through other expansions. The Arch-Thief Rafaam gathers Hearthstone’s notorious villains such as Hagatha the Witch, Dr. Boom, along with others to form the League of E.V.I.L. More details are available on the game’s official website. One of the most worth-noticing is the introduction of new minions named Lackeys with amazing battlecry ability. Besides, new keywords that are now included in the game mechanic – Schemes and Twinspell. The former are spells whose powers are increased the longer you keep them in hand, whilst the latter help you copy spells to your hand when they are played.


The new logo for the upcoming expansion has also been published.

Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows will be playable on all platforms on 9th of April, meanwhile, pre-release events are scheduled to take place from the 5th of April. Pre-purchasing options include a 50-pack bundle and an 80-pack bundle. The smaller deal gives you a randomized legendary card along with card back featuring Jewel of Lazul, and of course 50 packs. The bigger choice also grants you a randomized legendary card, but a golden one, the same card back, definitely 80 packs, and a new Priest Hero – Madam Lazul. Each of the aforementioned bundle can only be purchased once by each account. The content for single player will be available at the beginning of May with its first chapter free. Similar to previous expansions, the solo content requires $19.99 to be fully unlocked or at a cost of 700 gold for each chapter. This topic will soon be discussed by Blizzard.