With the recent arrival of Vikendi, PUBG Mobile now has a total of four maps. Each one of these has its own characteristics, which forces players to adapt with different playstyles. Below is a comparison between Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi.


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The Erangel map

In term of size, Erangel and Miramar are both in the top spot with their 8x8 km size. However, Miramar has more playable area since 80% of the map is land, while water makes up close to 50% of the surface of Erangel.  Both maps are also pretty lush (despite the fact that Miramar is a desert), with flora like trees, grass, and shrubs covering roughly 30% of their surface.

The recently-released Vikendi map is a bit smaller than the aforementioned two with a size of 6×6 km, 60% of which is water. The map consists of three separated islands with rivers between them. Yet even with that much water, it is actually not too constricting, since many parts of the rivers are frozen over so players can walk on. Of course, being a snow map, Vikendi doesn’t have that much green. Only 7% of its area has plants.

The smallest map is Sanhok, whose size is only 4×4 km. Over half of it is water, and it also has the highest foliage coverage rate of the 4 maps at 43%. This is understandable, since Sanhok is supposed to be a swamp/jungle area.


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The Miramar map

When it comes to total loot spawns, Miramar takes the lead with an astonishing number of 43,343. It comes as no surprise, then, that this map also has the highest number of weapon spawns at 7,929.

Vikendi takes the second place with a total loot spawns of 28,614, roughly a quarter of which (5,443) being weapons.

While Erangel is one of the two biggest maps, it doesn’t have that much loot. The total loot spawns here is only 24,058, and 4,689 of those will give weapons.

Being the smallest map, Sanhok only has a total spawn of 13,889, which puts it at the last place in this category. The weapon spawns is 4,546, also the lowest in term of number. However, if you look at it from a percentage perspective, this means roughly 32 percent of all the loot on Sanhok is weapons, which is actually the highest compared to the average of 18-19 percent of the other 3 maps.


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The Sanhok map

To make up for its lack of weapons and loot, Erangel has the highest number of vehicle spawns at 633. Unfortunately, most of the time those vehicles will be running off-road, since roads only cover 4% of the map.

Meanwhile, Miramar spawns 452 total vehicles and has a road coverage rate of 6.92%, second-best in the game.

The title of the best road coverage map belongs to Sanhok at 7.27%. This makes a lot of sense from a design perspective, since players can follow these roads to avoid getting lost in the swamps and jungles.  However, it only has 198 vehicle spawns, again due to its limited size.

Last but not least, Vikendi doesn’t have any road at all, since pretty much the entire surface of the map is buried in snow. Still, it has a decent vehicle spawn number: 336. A lot of these are snowmobiles to help players traverse the snowy terrain more easily.


Pubg Mobile Vikendi
The Vikendi map

The gameplay of each map is heavily affected by its size. For example, because Erangel and Miramar are the largest maps, players are less likely to run into each other. As a result, they usually take their time to explore the various towns and landmarks to find good gear first before participating in skirmishes. This is especially true in Miramar.

Sanhok is the exact opposite. Its small size means players are more cramped up together. This combined with the big percentage of weapons means it is going to be bloody. The swamp-jungle environment also creates a lot of hiding places, which requires players to stay on high alert at all times.

Vikendi is intended to be somewhere in-between the intense action of Sanhok and the slower approach of Miramar and Erangel. Players who want to be aggressive early on can do so, while there is still room for those who prefer to take it slow.