A new trailer for PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG) has recently come out. Although it is only 10 seconds long, this trailer suggests that PUBG is going to get a new update in the future that will feature a crossover with the Warner Bros movie Suicide Squad.

A new trailer that suggests a crossover

The trailer does not provide much information by itself. All we can see is a close-up shot of the crazy yet charming Harley Quinn and two vague silhouettes, presumably of Harley and the Joker, glimpsed through a smokescreen created by a frag grenade. The way both characters move is similar to the character models of PUBG. It seems like the developer is releasing new skins for PUBG that allow players to take on the appearance of Joker and Harley Quinn just like the Halloween monster skins released recently.

Pubg Suicide Squad
Two silhouettes appear in the smoke. Are they Joker and Harley Quinn?

However, the trailer is titled “PUBG - Warning... Prison Breakout Imminent” and the description states: “Some jailbirds are not meant to be caged. Coming soon.” This implies that the crossover might be something more. It seems like “prison break” is the theme here. Maybe Joker and Harley are trying to break out of prison, and the players must prevent them from doing so? The trailer also has certain scenes that showcase a place that could very well be the Miramar's Prison.

There is a chance that this crossover will be an event that is available for a certain period time only, like the time Fortnite allowed its players to become Thanos, the mad Titan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It could also be an entirely new mode that happens in a small part of the desert map in PUBG.

Pubg Suicide Squad 2
Prison Break seems to be the theme

The developer might even be making a brand new game type where two players play as Joker and Harley and the rest are police whose task is to prevent them from escaping, or maybe the developer will add a new map that is a prison, with a special item that allows a player to transform into either Joker or Harley, with all their gadgets.

For more information, we will have to wait. Apparently further details are coming in the near future.