During this year SXSW event, Sonic Team’s representative, Takashi Iizuka, announced that they are developing a Sonic game. However, he did not go into detail of the title nor the releasing date.

Although not much is revealed about the famous blue hedgehog, there are other breaking pieces of news to keep fans entertained. One of them is about the customization in the Team Sonic Racing. Another is a video made by the same team that produced Sonic Mania Adventures.

However, this is only the first part, the other will be out in the future.

Along with the upcoming game, the Sonic movie is also what fans expected to see but no detail of the movie was revealed either. From what we know now, Jim Carrey will be the Eggman. The Sonic Team seemed to want to guide the attention to the new Team Sonic Racing that is scheduled to be out in May as it provided a glimpse of this game in the event. While we know nothing else of the game at this year’s SXSW, other events happen later this year might provide us with more updates.

Jim Carrey 01
The movie will feature Jim Carrey

After the announcement, it took fans no time to start letting their imagination runs wild with projections about the new game. Some of the most interesting are the all Sonic characters will be in the game or the game will be Amy Rose-centric.

Three years ago, Sonic Mania was the record breaker for being the best-rated in the course of 15 years straight. The Sonic Team received heaps of praises for its focus on the 2D platform. This success raises a question of if the team will keep going on that road or venture into the newer 3D field. So far, as no detail has been revealed about the upcoming Sonic title, all we can do now is to wait for more updates to come.