As indicated by the Pokémon International Company’s CEO, this company has been cooperating with NetEase of China in the process of making this very first official Pokémon game to be published in China. But that’s not all, since it’s only one out of many other games this Japan company recently announced.

Pokemon Company International
The CEO of Pokemon Company International, Tsunekazu Ishihara

Ethan Wang – the vice president at NetEase, announced that Pokémon Quest China, the very first game of the franchise to be launched in the Chinese market, will include social systems and player vs player mode. Up until April, NetEase has occupied 4 out of the top 10 best games published in China, with approximately 600 million active users. As for the upcoming game, a result of the collaboration between NetEast and Game Freak, millions of people have already signed up.

Toho’s managing director and Detective Pikachu movie’s maker, Hiro Matsuoka, stated that he is now officially a director of Pokémon Company International. Toho was one of the investors behind the Detective Pikachu movie and was also the one to host its distribution in Japan. As mentioned by Matsuoka, he believed that the release of the movie Detective Pikachu on the 3rd May was indeed a success. In July, Toho will publish another movie: Mewtwo Strike Back Evolution, which is also set in the same universe.

Pokemon Quest
Pokémon Quest China will include social systems and player vs player mode

The Detective Pikachu game on 3DS was earlier developed by Creatures Inc. – a partner of Toho, yet we'll have a continuation to that game on Nintendo Switch in the future. This Switch version will have a different ending from the movie, allowing players to enjoy a new conclusion to the story.

Moreover, Toho has also opened a Pokémon Center in Singapore. Another one will soon come to Shibuya, Tokyo this autumn. The company stated that it will incorporate Pokémon with the most recent technology.

Additionally, Junichi Masuda, a game designer as well as a board member at Game Freak revealed that the companies are focusing on developing Pokémon Home, which is a hub for players to put those pocket monsters they have collected in, and this works for lots of different games on different platforms. Here, the Pokémon can be traded with your friends or other players and can also be used to battle with nearby trainers. With this, the company wants to bring the broad audiences across different platforms together.

A place for players to connect

No matter what device they play on,  Pokémon fans are definitely into collecting as many of the cute monsters as they can. As a result, Pokémon Home will serve as a place for players to socialize. In other news, more information about Pokémon Shield and Swords will be released on the 5th June,  in a special livestream event from Nintendo Direct.

Much as Pokémon Go get players to go around, now the developers want more. They want their users to have better sleep. This is exactly why a game called Pokémon Sleep will soon be released by Select Button in 2020. Also, Niantic as well as Nintendo are working on how to turn resting into gaming.

The game will soon be released

The gadgets head of Nintendo, Kazuhiro Maruyama, said that a new device that has the same functions and is similar to the Pokémon Go Plus in the past will be made specifically for this sleep game. Should this device be put on your bed, the way you sleep will be tracked. Results will be recorded through accelerometer and delivered directly to the users’ phones through Bluetooth. The final goal of the game is to help their users have good sleep at night. The game will reward good sleep, which provides users with energy to play GO, as said by John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic.

Meanwhile, a role-playing mobile game titled Pokémon Masters is being developed by DeNA and will be released in the latter half of this year on both Android and iOS platforms.

Some merchandise from the company

And last but not least, the company announced that they will put Pokes Shirts on sale globally. After all, what good is an event if there is no merchandise?