Originally released in 2006 on PC, the Diablo-style hack-and-slash game Titan Quest was well-received by the community due to the fact that it captures the essence of the genre very well. Now, it has come to the App Store for the THIRD time under the name Titan Quest HD, published by HandyGames.

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A popular Diablo-style hack-and-slash game back in 2016

Back in 2016, French game developer and publisher DotEmu delivered a mobile version of Titan Quest. It did a decent job in making the game work on mobile, but this version was rough and had a lot of bugs. As a result, the game was handed back to THQ Nordic (Formerly Nordic Games), the company who owned the original Titan Quest, in April 2018.

THQ then went on to release another version of Titan Quest mobile. Many fans were not excited about having to buy the game again, but many did in the hope that the game would function better under the new publisher. That was not the case, however. THQ Nordic’s Titan Quest turned out to be exactly the same as DotEmu’s version. Even though players paid for the game a second time, they were still left with the same buggy game that lacks even the basic functions like full-screen support for iPhone X.

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The game first came to the App Store in 2016

This week, some people noticed that the THQ version of Titan Quest had disappeared from the App Store without a trace. There was no announcement, no information coming from the publisher. That led to a theory that THQ Nordic was finally addressing the issues and bugs, and perhaps it would even add the content of the new expansion.

The theory turned out to be an overly optimistic one. Yesterday, Titan Quest returned to the App Store, but this time under yet another label: HandyGames. This is a mobile game company that was acquired by THQ Nordic last July. However, if you expect there is something new to this third release, you will be disappointed. It is STILL the same game, again!

There are three different versions of Titan Quest mobile, which are essentially the same game!

If you really want to find a silver lining, then perhaps this time HandyGames will finally give Titan Quest mobile the attention it needs and deserves. The original game on PC was fantastic, and the mobile version is still entertaining despite its shortcomings. If HandyGames could fix all the bugs and add the expansion content, many fans might be willing to give it another chance. Don’t hold your breath, though.