The strategy war game Age of Civilisations II has now officially come to Android, and it brings some solid new additions to the tried and true formula of the genre.

In this game, you will be going through the entire history of mankind from the dawn of time. It also features a detailed real-world map, which will change as you progress.

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A real-world map that also changes over time

If you are unfamiliar with Age of Civilisations II, it is a turn-based strategy game. Each player will submit orders at the beginning of each round. There is a resource called Movement Points, which determines the number of orders that one can submit. After that, players will take turns to perform different actions. The turn order is randomized after every round, to ensure complete fairness. There are various orders that you can carry out, such as moving your troops, recruiting new units, building facilities, declare war or form alliances with other civilisations, and a lot more.

Age of Civilizations II - Steam Gameplay Trailer

During the game, the most important thing you have to pay attention to is your capital. It is the most crucial province, the heart of your civilisation. If you lose your capital and fail to claim it back after 3 turns, your civilisation will be eliminated from the map. On the other hand, if you manage to capture the capital of another civilisation, you will also gain control over all of its provinces.

The main goal of the game is to make your civilisation prosper and unify the world. There are multiple approaches that you could take to achieve this goal. You can become a vicious tyrant who conquers the world by force and crush any resistance with your iron fist, or you could choose to be a benevolent ruler and to bring everyone together through diplomatic means.

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Age of Civilisations II also has a single player campaign for you to play through. In this mode, you will have the chance to develop a small tribe into a mighty empire. Alternatively, you can rewrite the history for the world using the in-game editor. It is entirely up to you to decide the fate of humanity!

Either way, Age of Civilisations II is an outstanding game that fans of the strategy genre have to try. So head to Google Play to grab it right now!