Approximately a month after being officially announced, Dragalia Lost, an RPG for mobile is ready to be downloaded in the U.S, and several regions in Asia such as Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. For now, there hasn’t been any information about the game being released in a wide, international range, but we are positive that it will come true in no time.

The game is not the first attempt ever made by Nintendo to find their way to the mobile games world. Those precedent such as Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes would be the first ones to pop up into our mind. Still, this game is the representative of a few “firsts” in some aspects of the company. This is the very first game developed by Nintendo that has the foundation of a mobile game. Before this, all Nintendo’s game titles for mobile were just made from the already existed game, this will measure how big the brand’s name is in the mobile world.

As Dragalia Lost won’t cost you even a penny to download, the game with purchases which can be made in the game and mechanics similar to most other games such as limited play time and in-game unique currencies, Nintendo hopes that it would be a big hit and boost their popularity.

Dragalia Lost - Announcement Trailer

It is also worth noting that the game is co-developed by a Japanese studio known as Cygames. What made it important is that Nintendo has always worked with another Japanese developer called DeNA while converting their games into their mobile versions. This does not mean that Nintendo and DeNA have ended their cooperation, in fact, the two are completing Mario Kart Tour. Still, this shows that Nintendo is determined to strongly develop this department.   

About the game, the main story is not too complicated but rather simple. You can play this game alone or with multiple players, it depends on you. Still, the ending of the game will turn out to be the same no matter how many players there are. Notice also that in order to play this game your device must be connected to the internet.