Morels is a digital version of a real life board game of the same name. The physical version was released by Two Lantern in 2014 and now MOSSBARK GAMES has brought it to mobile. It is a 2-player card game which can be bought with only $4.99 (about 348 rupees) on both iOS and Android.


Morels is a game about foraging mushrooms. Players' main mission is to gather mushrooms for cooking or selling to get points. The one who gain the most points will win.  Morels has two decks: day deck and night deck. Day deck has 84 cards that include tools to cook and gather mushrooms like pans, baskets, butters,… and day mushrooms. Night deck has 8 cards and all of them are night mushrooms which are only obtained by moonlight and have higher scores. However, some mushrooms cannot be cooked because they are poisonous. Therefore, players should be careful before using them. Players take turns to play until all the cards are gone. Let's watch the trailer:

This game is perfect for playing with friends because it is a cross-platform mobile game, which allows iOS devices and Android devices to play together. Users can also engage in local multiplayer with pass & play. Moreover, if players want to practice more before playing with real-opponents, there is an AI with 3 difficult levels to compete against.

Remember, night mushrooms have higher score than day mushrooms

The art of the game is very close to it physical version. In addition, the card layout is very clear that makes players feel more comfortable when playing through of small screen.

However, be aware of poisonous mushrooms. They cannot be cooked

Morels is very easy to play with simple rules which makes it suitable for a wide range of ages, from 4 and above. Need a game to play with family and friends? Morels definitely is a top choice.