A new month has started and that means one thing: new Elite Pass in Free Fire. In this case, Garena decided that an old theme would take over the battlefields again. The event is called Revolución 2.0: La Revuelta in Spanish, which is roughly translated as Revolution II: The Revolt. To recall, Garena introduced the Revolution I event at the same time last year. You can take a look at the new update on the eye-catching trailer video below.

The new Elite Pass is inspired by the same theme that we saw at the same time last year. However, players will have the chance to earn some special rewards that can only be obtained by acquiring and leveling up in the Elite Pass.

The Apocalyptic Punishment Bat, unlocked with 10 medals, and the Apocalyptic Chaos Monster Truck, unlocked with 15 medals are two great examples. Players will also have the chance to get the Apocalyptic Raid table with 80 medals and its counterpart Rapid Catastrophe at 165. The Extreme Survival backpack completes the item list and it can be acquired with 200 medals.

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You can earn attractive and limited rewards during the event.

However, the highlights of the new Elite Pass are the Kiss of Destruction Pack suits, for female characters, and it can be unlocked by obtaining 50 medals. You can also get the Rebellion of Destruction Pack, which is unlockable with 225 medals, for male characters.

The Elite Pass is now available in Free Fire and users can complete its quests to earn medals for the next thirty days.