Crystal Pug is an Australian developer who is famous for their release of “Oopstacles”, a Ninja Warrior-like game previously released in early 2017 and constantly updated ever since. Despite hard work on the aforementioned game, the developers still have time to make another one, and now, their upcoming game is most likely finished and is currently known as Battle Bowls, a lawn bowl simulator on your mobile device. Currently, the developers are looking for some beta testing help.

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In case you don’t know the term 'lawn bowls',  it is a famous sport in Australia similar to that of the turn-based sport known as bocce ball where players take turns against each other throwing weighted balls in an effort to get ones’ ball closest to a “jack” ball in the field. The actual game might involve more details, but that’s the basis, which might come in handy when you experience Battle Bowls.

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In the game, the throwing process is incredibly simple, consisting of two parts: First you set the distance for your shot by drawing backward on the ball. After that, you aim and try to send the ball in the desired direction by tapping on an on-screen arrow. Each player will get to throw three times, and the one who gets their ball closest to the jack ball wins. The game features online PvP mode, a single mode where you face off an AI bot, or a single mode with the goal to collect coins around the field. Many powerup items are also featured in the game, which can be used by players against each other. The game also comes with a variety of items and avatars.

The game will most likely be released on February 21st, in the meantime, Crystal Pug is currently in need of some players to test out their game for any issue that hasn’t been discovered.

iOS users can sign up for the beta test by following this link, while those with an Android device can participate here.