Pascals Wager is an upcoming action RPG on Android that draws inspiration from From Software's infamously difficult games Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Recently the game has received a new trailer, which you can see below.

Pascals Wager Gameplay Reveal

From the trailer, it can be seen that the combat in Pascals Wager is very similar to SoulBorne games. Unlike the majority of ARPG mobile games where you just faceroll everything, Pascals Wager requires a slower and more careful approach. You can only strike when an opportunity presents itself, and have to time your dodges perfectly to avoid getting hit by the enemies. Every action such as attacking or dodging will consume stamina, and if you run out of it, you will have to wait for it to recharge before you can do anything. Thus, managing this resource is extremely important. One single mistake could spell your doom.

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In term of animation, it appears that Pascals Wager does a good job too. Each and every strike feels impactful, and the dodge animation seems to be taken straight out of Bloodborne, which is absolutely not a bad thing at all. The dark and gritty feeling of the environment is also very familiar to SoulBorne fans.

One new thing that Pascals Wager seems to add to the formula of Dark Souls and Bloodborne is the use of firearms as a main damaging source. Guns were a thing in Bloodborne, but for the most part they are used as a tool for parrying rather than for damaging the enemies, so this hopefully will bring a fresh change.

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Games that draw inspiration from SoulBorne are not really a rare sight in the mobile gaming market these days, but Pascals Wager might be one of the first mobile titles to follow From Software’s formula and style to a tee. Should the game fare well, it might prove that hardcore Souls-style action can work with mobile controls, and open the way for more games to follow this path in the future. Right now, no release date is announced yet, but based on what has been shown it the trailer, it seems the game is pretty far along in its development process.

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