Games adapted from televisions or novels aren't new. After all, CSI has been the revolving themes of more gaming titles than it should have. So it’s not very surprising that news has come out that the Emmy-winning series ‘Breaking Bad’ is also getting the same treatment. Titled Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements, it’s going to promise a very entertaining time for the fans and a perfect introduction for all those who hadn’t watched the series before.

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements Game Artwork
Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements is now available

Big Names

The game is developed jointly by FTX Games and Plamee, the latter of which has been involved in numerous similar projects like The Hunger Games and The Walking Dead mobile game adaptations to some degree of success. With the kind of experience that it has, we can expect a relatively solid game and not just a shoddy product aimed purely to make money. The game is also published jointly with Sony Pictures Consumer Products. Having such a big name as part of the project further brighten the prospect of the game.

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements is an authentic extension of the world of Heisenberg where the stakes are high, morality is blurred, personalities are volatile.” Said Casey Dickinson, the CEO behind one of the spear-head studios involved in the project: FTX Games.

Base-Building With A Storyline

Your goal is pretty easy and canon-compliant. You act as an ‘associate’ of the infamous Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from the film to grow your drug-making operation to a scale that could make even Heisenberg proud. Along the way, you would also get the chance to meet and work with familiar faces from the film such as Mike Ehrmanstraut, Saul Goodman, and Gustavo Fring.

The game itself is essentially a base building game driven by a storyline. The more you love games like Clash of Clans, the more you would enjoy the gameplay.

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements Screenshot 2
Grow your own drug-making operation

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements is available on both iOS and Android as a free game, though do expect micro-transactions to pop up from time to time.