Bury Me, My Love is a ground-breaking excellent story of one woman's journey from Syria to France which has been available on mobiles for more than 1 year. However, it's not until now that the game will also be launched on PC and consoles.

The game features Nour and Majd, a couple from Syria. It tells the narrative through a unique way: a message app-like conversation through which both of the main characters communicate, send help and advice. While Nour sets off on migration to France, her husband will stay in Homs, a severely destroyed city to support her while taking care of older relatives.

Messaging App
The game features a messaging app-like experience..

Nour was a white collar class worker who used to work in medicine. She needs to get away from the terrible war that has crushed her used-to-be peaceful life and that of everyone around her. Along the trip, Nour travels across numerous nations, through strictly protected borders or hazardous oceans and mountains. She also encounters an assortment of individuals who also want to seek a better place to live. Among those, a few help her, some ask for Nour's help and others may just want to take advantage of the woman.

For the adventure, she has some useful stuff, for example, a couple of thousand dollars and her smartphones also. Nour depends on Majd for strong emotional support. Thanks for Majd's wide variety of information sources, he can help her to make better decisions.

The couple is knowledgeable in the political strife of the nations she has to cross and aware of the threatening vibe and prejudice she is expected to confront. Yet, when they end up being in unexpected situations, they must make good use of online information to solve the problems. In fact, the way from the Middle East to Europe is very well-written on the web.

Crossing River
A group of refugees is trying to cross the river.

Nevertheless, Nour's adventure is perilous and erratic. Online information can only help her to some extent, the rest is still based on the couple's abilities to deal with danger.

Playing as Majd, you can experience a great feeling of helplessness. Nour is not constrained to do exactly what you want her to do. She frequently finds her husband's good-natured endeavors to offer direction to be useless. Majd also feels jealous of the men Nour encounters on her adventure and finds it hard to process his very own doubt. Majd is an enthusiastic and smart guy who always tries to be helpful, but sometimes he can be narrow-minded, such as when he warns his wife against African and calls them "thieves".

The developer said that the narrative of Bury Me, My Love is told regarding the real stories of migrants. The game demonstrates to us what it's like to leave one's homeland looking for a better place to live. Nour is a brilliant, entertaining, genuine individual. Be that as it may, she is stretched to her limits. So as to endure, she can't live by the tenets of her old life any longer. She needs to make up her own moral fringes as she crosses nations after nations.

In the first version on mobiles, Bury Me, My Love happened in real-time by default. For example, if Nour went disconnected for an hour in the story, she was likewise absent for 1 hour in the game. However, this option is not obligatory and you can totally change it.

Bury Me, My Love
Choices may affect the game a lot.

Indeed, without the real-time effect, the game experience is still really good. Just from the beginning, the game already challenges players with multiple tasks to test the couple's abilities. A great part of the activity boils down to apparently ordinary choices, such as choosing to take a taxi or public transport. Yet, underneath it all is the fact that these decisions carry an immense weight. They could decide the success and failure of the adventure, and sometimes can even be the difference between life and death.

A decent narrative is characterized by the amount of curiosity and amazement it makes players feel, and the game is doing quite good. The developers tried to avoid a too obvious choice-based game, the freedom is kinda great and you hardly can figure out what is the best decision across the whole story, only a better decision for each situation you encounter based on the information and some luck.

The game is not simply the story of a certain couple but rather the story of multiple real couples, families, and migrants those who endeavor to get away from a war-torn, terrible life. By trying to reach a better living condition, they put themselves at risk of being killed, kidnapped, enslaved. They even have to stand up against the administrations, police, border officials. Yet the narrative is still very intriguing and realistic without being too far-stretched.

There're various things that we are able to do to give refugees and migrants a better life and understanding them is a great way. By playing the game and experiencing its intriguing yet realistic storytelling, we can be more sympathetic with the lives we used to look over.

Watch the release trailer for  Bury Me, My Love below: