Calculator 2: The game is set in the time where our world has gradually been taken over. The one conquering Earth is nothing else than the mysterious and dangerous “Clicky” virus. Fortunately, you happen to be the only one who is able to put an end to the virus using your beloved and trusty calculator! This brand new SM-1K model calculator of yours also includes Dot - a personal assistant. With its help, you are now the only person that is standing in the way of the end of the world.

Calculator The Game 2
Your trusty calculator

Calculator 2: The Game is actually one of a kind if you couldn't tell just by the above premise. During the game, Dot - your personal assistant, will be presenting you a variety of math problems that have something to do with defending our world in one way or another. You are required to utilize your SM-1K in order to solve those problems.

Dot - The helpful assistant

At the beginning of the game, you will only encounter some simple equations that you can easily solve by yourself. However, those Clicky viruses are always on the move. To chase the virus, you will need the help of Dot and the calculator to solve more complicated problems, the ones that include many small problems and require you to take step by step in the exact order.

Although this game doesn’t seem much like it, we can almost consider Calculator 2: The Game an educational game disguised as a normal game. While you can still have lots and lots of fun during the game, your math and critical thinking skills will be tested consistently.

So if you are proud of your math score at school, take your SM-1K with you and prepare yourself to save the whole world with Calculator 2: The Game, which is now available on the App Store.