A few months ago, developer Activision revealed that it was working on a new Call of Duty game for the mobile platform. Fittingly named Call of Duty: Mobile, this new title is basically a port of the formerly Chinese-exclusive Call of Duty: Online. Alongside that original announcement, the studio also promised that the game would get a beta version this summer, and now it looks like it’s finally here.

Cod Mobile
Call of Duty: Mobile was originally announced a few months ago

Currently, this beta is only available in a couple of regions, but the developer did state that it’ll last throughout the summer. So don’t worry if it hasn’t arrived where you live yet, it’s probably on its way.

But in any case, here are a few simple steps that you could follow to try out Call of Duty: Mobile beta regardless of which country you’re currently in:

First off, download this APK and install the game on your phone. IMPORTANT: Do NOT open it yet.

When you’ve done that, you’ll also need to download this OBB file. Afterward, create a new folder named com.activision.callofduty.shooter and put the OBB file there.

Next, Move the folder you just created to Phone storage - Android - OBB.

If you are living in Australia or India, you can skip this step. Otherwise, you must download a VPN software and then use it to connect to an Australian or Indian server. These kinds of software are all over the internet, and any of them would suffice.

And that’s it! Now you’re ready to open Call of Duty: Mobile and give it a try. There will be two login options: through Facebook or as a Guest, both of which work fine for Indians. People from other regions, however, might experience some issues with the Facebook login. In that case, just use the Guest login.

Download Call Of Duty Mobile
By following the aforementioned easy steps, you can try CoD: Mobile right now regardless of where you live

Activision and Tencent also published a brand new trailer for the game to celebrate the opening of the beta. While this trailer is only shy of 30 seconds long, it gives us a glimpse of what we could expect from the gameplay. Check it out below: