Most of the mobile games in India are no longer out of the eyes of the authorities if they go viral, having millions of followers and making players stick to their phones. PUGB Mobile is not an exception. Some reasons for PUBG’s success in India are low data requirement, developed graphics capabilities for smartphones, and big displays. Also, the key factor that makes PUGB flourish in this huge market is an enormous young population.

PUBG Mobile is a game where players aim to kill others and the winner will be the only survivor. There are polices, political leaders, several religious groups, and even the students are having attempts to restrict such a violent video game for the youth’s sake.

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There are Indian people who want to ban PUBG Mobile for the young generation’s sake

The current circumstance

Hearing a PIL filed by Ahad Nizam last April, the Bombay High Court has requested MeitY to examine not only the conception of PUBG Mobile but also the issue essential directions if they find any offensive content. If the complaint is trustworthy, the popular video game promotes murder, violence, loot, aggression, cyberbullying and gaming addiction.

In some Indian regions along with Nepal, Iraq, Jordan and some other regions, PUGB Mobile has witnessed crackdown previously. Even in China, where Tencent, PUBG’s developer is located, the game is unavailable, even though it is not because of any specific issues but the regulatory concern.

However, the Union Ministry of Electronics and IT reported to the Bombay High court that it is not technically easy to forbid PUBG from every source unless its creator put some restrictions or discard it from circulation.

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PUBG Mobile may encourage crimes and addiction

Does PUGB addition lead to violence?

A Delhi student called Salman (the name has been changed) shares with Gadgets 360 that PUBG is undoubtedly addictive. As for spending between 3 and 4 hours daily for playing PUBG, Salman admits that it is hard to stop playing before having one chicken at least.

There is any controversy for other addicting games such as Temple Run and Candy Crush. But why PUBG Mobile? According to Salman, it is because the game has a massive follower base in such a small amount of time.

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Everyone is focusing on their phone instead of doing literally anything else

Some months ago, the WHO has claimed to play too much video games can be called a gaming disorder. As stated by the organization, it is a gaming behavior pattern, described by poor control over playing a game, growing priority to the game over other activities, even over daily ones and interests. The behavior continues to game even though negative consequences are happening.

However, added by 23-year-old Salman, PUBG doesn’t encourage violence. Hundreds of video games out there are approaching shoot-to-kill content like PUBG, so individualizing this popular mobile game is unfair. Why we didn’t label Counter-Strike and Ghost Recon violent and call for bans?

Outright ban a no-go

PUBG has some advantages that people should acknowledge

According to the Supreme Court cyber-law and advocate expert named N. S. Nappinai, there will be no ban for games if there is no obvious violation of a particular law. Banning a video game is extremely difficult once a game is released because of several ways the Internet offers to bypass the ban.

Apar Gupta along with his IFF group have disagreed with the last PUBG Mobile’s ban. In Gujarat, they also appealed against the forbiddance.

Gupta shares to Gadgets 360 that directly reaching a ban demonstrates not only the impatience when solving technological problems but also an arbitrary decision that not considering the advantages when utilizing the technology.

He also presents that video games have certain advantages. Players could be more flexible in eye-hand coordination as well as develop their interpersonal skills if players are introverted via meeting people in online groups and communities.

A regulatory body case

India's PUBG Mobile Pros have brought the flag all over the world

According to a Delhi student called Salman, whenever he has time, he enjoys playing PUBG without letting it influence his study. He agreed that everyone should learn how to balance working and entertaining. Instead of prohibiting the game, he implied, it would be more appropriate to have some kinds of restrictions such as maximum playing time every user and age restriction.

On the other hand, regulations, according to the Supreme Court advocate named Nappinai, are a better solution. She implied that sufficient laws are essential to govern app stores. Therefore, the onus is accessible on these stores to guarantee that the regulations are performed.

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Indian's PUBG team are widely popular - all over the world

She illustrated toward dealing with the problem even before publishing the game. According to Nappinai, regulations could be better when pointing out what can or can’t do when developing a game or an app. In this way, different apps would be captured at the nearest point of entry.

Nappanee also declared that there is only general law but no particular one for developing domains. As a result, the government needs to have uniformity and certainty in the progress of the action.

Laws and regulations might not the best solutions to deal with gaming problems

According to Prashant Mali, a cyber law expert and an advocate, the last resort of democracy is set up a ban on a game. Indian people need a regulator that evaluate games and apps principally before their launch. Teachers, children, and parents should raise awareness about pluses and minuses of games.

And the case against

Apar Gupta, the executive director of IFF, has shared his alternate view about this situation. To point out the potential harm of video games, different experts from curriculum development, mental health, as well as digital rights shall collaborate as stakeholders.

There are several policies that go beyond either bans or the requirement of regulation which presupposes the need to develop the law. First, we have to see what non-legal or legal measures can be. For example, you don’t need any regulation since there is a requirement for parental intervention and supervision.

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Famous Indian Players are getting a lot of money

When a school is able to design an appealing curriculum as well as guarantee that different parts for studies can be solved by technology, the law is not necessary. When promoting fear in children, in which they need to play video games to get rid of, is not a way of testing patterns, the law is not essential.

Gupta believes that just like sweeping dust under a carpet, bans won’t help to solve the problem.

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