Candy Crush Friends Saga is a free-to-play game which includes 380 match-three puzzle levels. This latest edition was highly appreciated because of its better responsiveness and look in comparison with its predecessors. We also find in-game the appearance of some animated friends who bring the support with special powers, costumes and new candies, which makes the game more interesting and approachable.

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This game was launched on October 11. Only 3 days later, it went on to lead the top list of all applications on iOS in 36 countries and on Google Play in 22 countries. And within one week from that date, it hit 10 million downloads and garnered $780,000.

However, this considerable success seemed to be not enough to overtake its two predecessors. In detail, in the first launching week, Jelly Saga (2014) reached 13 million downloads and raked in around $1.6 million; Soda Saga (2016) got 14 million installs and raked in $3.7 million.

Relating this matter, Sensor Tower said that the latest game has to compete with three other games in the Candy Crush series for users. One thing should be mentioned: Candy Crush Saga and Soda Saga are still among the top 25 worldwide best games in September. To see whether Candy Crush Friends Saga will achieve the balance between the number of new users and crossover players or not, we might need to wait for time to tell.

Another representative from the company also commented on developer King’s choice to focus on a global release. The reason given was that King "liked what it saw in soft launch". However, developers who want to create their own titles will certainly have to pay careful attention to how their games fare in the bigger mobile gaming world. In the past, companies such as Playrix, Peak Games and so on have gained big success through their effort.

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Another award to the original Candy Crush (2014) was mentioned in the July report of Sensor Tower: It is “the highest grossing mobile game” made by a Western developer in 2018’s second quarter.