On 10th October, King released the newest version of the Candy Crush series: Candy Crush Friends Saga. There is no surprise that it reached 10 million downloads in 1 week because the franchise Candy Crush is very popular among puzzle games. Candy Crush Friends Saga is a free-to-play game and now is available on both Android and iOS.

Candy Crush Friends Saga First Week
Candy Crush Friends Saga Hits 10 Million Of Download After One Week

Since the first version of series Candy Crush was launched in 2012, it has created a worldwide phenomenon and opened a new age for match 3 game styles. Thousand of me-too games have been made due to this sensation.

Candy Crush Soda Saga –the first, the origin earned 14 million of downloads in first week. After 4 years, in the 2016, King released the second version Candy Crush Jelly Saga and reached 13 million of download in week début. Although experiencing a decline trend, Candy Crush Friends Saga still had a successful opening with 10 million downloads in one week.

Candy Crush Friends Saga First Week Downloads Comp

However, the revenue witnessed a big difference when Friend Saga only earned  $780,000 in the first week while Jelly Saga earned $1.7 million and Soda Saga’s was even bigger than both with 3.7 million dollars. It is proof that Candy Crush cannot keep their attraction like before.

Friend Saga doesn’t have any competitor at the moment in match-3 style game but it has to compete with its two predecessors instead. Each version has its fan and it is really hard to make them change from their favorite version to new version.

Candy Crush Friends Basic

Candy Crush Friends Saga has the same gameplay as other Candy Crush games. The biggest change here is that you have to play to free your animal friends to pass the level. Your animal friends rescued throughout the game will help you add more special candies to the board when you success in matching 3 candy with same shape and color.