If you happen to be a huge fan of the famous game SimCity, you may also love Pocket Build even though it’s not SimCity Mobile. This game is a simulation game in which you can freely design and build your own town, including the buildings the farms, the houses, and plenty more things to discover in the game.

Previously, Codebrew Games developed a game with the name Pocket City which you can purchase for RM15.99. However, with this new game Pocket Build, you can experience a similar game for FREE.

In the beginning, MoonBear LTD developed Pocket Build as a premium game, which means you have to pay to get the game, similar to Pocket City. However, the game is now FREE, you can find and download the game in the app stores on your phone. Just like almost all other city building simulation games, all that you will do in this game is building your city or town in your own way and watch it slowly develop. The difference is that instead of choosing the modern theme like Pocket City, Pocket Build went with a medieval setting.

In the other games, whenever you want to finish your building, you need to have certain resources. That is not happening in Pocket Build since the building process will cost you nothing. Everything in this game is FREE and the main purpose of building your city is to watch it develop and try to give its citizens the best life you can. That would bring you a kind of satisfaction as you know you have done a decent job as the mayor. There is also a day and night cycle, which makes the game extremely beautiful.

If you find this game interesting, you can download it to your Android device right away for FREE on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for those who are using Apple products, as the game still costs about RM 7.90 on the App Store.