With the advancement of technology, smartphones and tablets have become must-have items of many individuals, playing a part in many aspects of lives like entertainment. With only a smartphone or a tablet, anyone can become a gamer.

There are various types of mobile games available for us to play on such devices; however, some of them are addictive yet mindless, in which the players unrealistically cross numerous of roads or match candies with the same color (You can guess what game it is, the favorite Candy Crush and similar games). Attractive as they might be, such mobile games are instead a waste of time and probably the reasons why your parents hate you playing video games. It's about time we deleted all of that "brainless" and "dumb" games and started playing wiser and better mobile games.

Candy Crush
You can stop playing Candy Crush now and check out these apps below

Brain games range from traditional Sudoku and crossword puzzles to specific brain training apps. People of all ages use these games to boost mental performance and prevent brain aging.

Neal Taparia, a serial entrepreneur, explains how he designed Solitaired site because he'd read research suggesting that, even though the link between brain stimulation training games and increased cognitive function is complex, brain training may help you enhance your memory, processing time, and critical thinking.

Here are some recommendations for "smart" mobile games to train your brain and improve your skills while relaxing and having fun. All of the below apps are available on iOS and Android.

Elevate: a game that focuses on training skills like speaking, writing, reading, and maths with about 35 mini-games

Elevate mobile app
Elevate mobile app

Lumosity: an app includes over 50 mini-games, which will help improve certain sets of skills, such as memory, attention, and problem-solving.

Lumosity mobile app
Lumosity mobile app

Orixo: a number puzzle game with beautiful design, relaxing music, but very challenging which you can't just mindless tap to master.

Orixo mobile app
Orixo mobile app

I Love Hue: a relaxing puzzle game for those who aren't into numbers, in which you will have to move the pieces of color to finish the gradient image.

I Love Hue mobile app
I Love Hue mobile app

NYT Crossword: an online game of the crosswords that you can find on printed paper, old school but still fun.

New York Times Crossword
New York Times Crossword mobile app

Bonza: an updated version of the traditional crosswords with some twist and turn that will give you something exciting and refreshing while solving the crosswords.

Bonza mobile app

The effects of those games to training brain remain controversial and debatable. However, it won't be easy for one to deny that solving crosswords in the NYT Crossword or math problems in Elevate isn't a valuable way of using your free time. It's at least better than spending times on games in which players will only tap, tap, tap like a zombie, such as Crossy Road.

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