PUBG Mobile has taken the world by storm for quite a while and its sparkling limelight is unlikely to subside anytime soon. With fast-paced action gameplay available around the clock, players can step into a bunch of challenging survival matches to become the last man who stands still in one way or another.

In fact, we have more than one PUBG Mobile version. Take PUBG Mobile Korea for example – the Korean version of this battle royale game is designed exclusively and limited to gamers in South Korea and Japan only.

Pubg Mobile
some countries out there also have their own versions of PUBG-M.

If you’re residing anywhere else in the rest of the world, you still have a chance to give it a shot. Yup, tons of Indian users have shifted to PUBG Mobile Korean version during the ongoing ban, so you can check out how to download it here.

You may be sticking to PUBG Mobile Korea, but some countries out there also have their own versions of PUBG Mobile. Just look no further to find out ‘em all.

1. South Korea

Pubg Mobile South Korea
Believe me, the Korean version will never waste your time.

PUBG Mobile Korea really looks identical to the global version on the face of our comparison, however, you’re allowed to obtain quicker updates, better rewards, and eye-catching skins much more easily. Believe me, the Korean version will never be a waste of time if you’re either a beginner or a hardcore fan of PUBG Mobile.

2. Vietnam

Pubg Mobile Vietnam Version
It's dubbed as 'PUBG-M VNG'

This Southeast Asian country also owns a version of PUBG Mobile for itself, so anyone who lives outside Vietnam but wants to download the game will have to make use of APK files other than installing it directly from Google Play Store or App Store. In short, the Vietnamese version is not a far cry from the global version at all.

3. China

Pubg Mobile Game For Peace
China's 'Game For Peace'.

‘Game For Peace’ is the official name of PUBG Mobile in China. Well, the battle royale game has to comply with government criteria to keep its immense popularity alive in this prosperous market. All in all, you will hardly notice any significant differences or notable elements in ‘Game For Peace’ as compared to the global version.

4. Taiwan

Pubg Mobile Taiwan
Taiwanese players have a distinct version other than downloading ‘Game For Peace’.

Hmm, Taiwan is controversially said to be a part of Mainland China, but that’s all about political stuff. We’re discussing PUBG Mobile, and surprisingly, Taiwanese players have a distinct version called PUBG Mobile TN other than downloading ‘Game For Peace’. Of course, PUBG Mobile TN also comes bundled with the same gameplay and elements, but it’s optimized for Taiwanese gamers, at least when it comes to language.