Many consider Dead Cells from developer Playdigious to be among the most well-known as well as successful indie games, even though the game’s official release was not long ago. The game is currently only available for console and PC users. However, rumor has it that Android users will also have a chance to experience this game soon.

Android Police once reported that Dead Cells was listed on the Play Store for a short while. The game’s pre-registration stage was also there. However, the developers removed the listing nearly right after that, which can possibly mean that Playdigious didn’t want to announce the mobile version at that time.

Dead Cells PS4 Launch Trailer

The game lets you experience a fascinating combination of many gameplay mechanics. The platforms in Dead Cells are designed based on the style of classic games like Castlevania or Metroid. You will get to play many levels generated in a procedural way. As you progress through the game, you will find more powerful items and weapons, which will be essential since the enemies will also keep becoming more and more difficult to defeat.

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Navigate through platforms

The game would likely be suitable for the mobile platform since it has many features that are procedurally generated. However, the controls of the game may differ a bit from that of the PC and console versions, which is understandable as controlled through a touchscreen will not be precise enough for players to overcome such a challenging and demanding game like this one.

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A scene during a boss fight in the game

We are hoping that the developer will design some form of controller support when the mobile version is officially released. We will certainly get to know more about this matter when the developers made an official announcement for the game.

Still, there hasn’t been any official information about the release of the Android version up to now.