Most youngsters in India are probably no stranger to PUBG Mobile, as this battle royale is an absolute phenomenon here. In fact, many Indians are too obsessed with the game to the point where it's been associated with several cases of gaming addiction and violence. This has led to PUBG being banned in several states.

Since the ban was issued, there have reportedly been dozens of people arrested for playing the game, and yet that chicken dinner still pays good money, especially in major competitions.

Last week, the final round of the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 tournament – the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament in India to date – was held in Hyderabad, which saw the best players competing for the title of champions.

Pubg India Series
The PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 tournament was sponsored by Oppo and had a total prize pool of Rs 1 crore

The event attracted 570,000 online registrations from all over the country, and in the end, it was Team S0UL – captained by Naman "MortaL" Mathur – that defeated 19 other teams in the finals and emerged victorious. In addition to taking home the grand prize of Rs 30 lakh, team S0UL also won 4 Oppo F11 Pro phones, one for each member. The runner up was God’s Reign, who earned Rs 10 lakh and an Oppo F11 Pro. Team Funky Monkey finished third and received Rs 5 lakh.

The livestream of the tournament on YouTube attracted 35 million views, with the number of concurrent viewers hitting 260,000 at its peak. This success is not limited to the internet either, as hordes of fans turned up at the venue to watch the event with their own eyes.

Pubg 2019 Tournament Champion
Team S0UL, the champions of the tournament

PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 expands on the foundation established by the success of the Campus Championship last year. It is another sign of how esports is growing in India, especially on a platform as assessable as mobile. The event even featured a top-tier casting team, including showed up, including Ilustrado, Humanist, and Asurai.

This comes as no surprise given PUBG’s current popularity. The question is, once this game has finished its life cycle, will the pro mobile gaming scene still receive the same attention? Only time will tell.