If you’re fond of the puzzle genre and loves putting things into literal motion, this new title from Airapport called ‘Engineer Millionaire’ is the perfect game to waste your time in. This game will challenge you to build the most sophisticated, steampunk-style contraptions feasible. Although it does sound like a game that could stress you out, bridging connections is surprisingly relaxing in this idle spinner for iOS and Android.

Engineer Millionaire Screen 2
A surprisingly relaxing puzzle

Simple Concept

You only need to kick-start the cogwheels to begin the game. These will help your ‘company’ to generate money. The longer you keep them running, the more money will go into your pocket to keep the production machine running. The money - coins - you earn will go directly into your vault and safely stored until you deem it is time to expand your machine with even more cog-wheels. The more wheels you added and the more sophisticated your machine is, the more money you can make at any given time. The entire madness is brought to you through a pretty quirky 2D visual that is both light-hearted and aesthetically pleasing.

Engineer Millionair
Just kick-start the cogwheel to begin

Fun In Sophistication

But the game is not all about going as big as you could. In fact, that could easily lead to your downfall. A more complex machine will require higher attention and management. Balancing out all of these factors is what makes the game fun to play and it is also the thing that gave it the third place at Sweden Game Arena 2018.

That is a pretty big honor for a game title that is all about connecting machine parts to one another. Your ultimate mission as the player is to build not just the most complex, but also the most efficient steampunk machine that would require the least amount of supervision to work. You can do this by being mindful of the parts that you put into the machine.

Engineer Millionaire Screen 1
Build the most complex and efficient steampunk machine

Putting an electric amplifier, for example, can increase the value of the coins you produce. Or linking a row of cog-wheels to a steam engine can make the entire row generates money for you even during idle mode.

Question is: How big can you go?

Only you can answer that.

The game’s available for download on both Android and iOS.