It is common knowledge that there are quite a lot of wondrous things making their homes in the skies. However, I bet that you have never seen any castle just floating right there. How about a temple which can change, right in front of your eyes, its own geometry? There is no way that you have seen anything like that. Thus, we are here to bring you Euclidean Skies, a game that will take us on a journey of shape-shifting. At the moment, it is available on iOS.

The game has a dreamy art

Do you know of Euclidean Lands, the award-winning game? This game is its direct sequel and follows a format that is quite similar. To complete the game, the player must first try to get through 40 castles layouts that are all completely unique. Each of these layouts has its own special mechanic that the player will need to solve.

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You will guide the heroine through the temples

The main key to complete Euclidean Skies simply is just to think out of the box, in a literal sense! In addition, this game has an AR mode that is optional. Using the feature, you can bring to life all those sky castles. The player will become the main camera and will have its mobility. This means that now the player can move around the castles and see them in all kinds of unique angles. This feature is truly a fantastic and neat way to get familiar with gaming AR. Thus, you should check it out as soon as possible!

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The AR mode is the best introduction to AR gaming

Now, for the gamers who prefer the classic way, you can always play it from the comfort of your couch. In this classic mode, the player will have to guide a young girl through battles in all these sky temples. To win, you must shift the castles’ layouts around through drag controls, and then guide the girl to the exit. The main point of the game is shifting the viewpoint numerous times to see things you overlooked.

Euclidean Skies Trailer

This great game is now available for $4.99 on iOS App Store.