For those who love Pokemon-like RPGs and have been a fan of mobile games, then the name ZigZaGame must ring a bell. Monster-catching RPG mobile games are starting to become the signature of this studio with a diversified range of this type of games being successful.

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Evertale will be available on the App Store by the end of February

Starting at the year 2012, Dragon Island Blue, a game that “brings monster training and catching to a whole new level”, was introduced. In 2013, they released Hunter Island, a game that deserves to be the successor of Dragon Island Blue since it showed even more effort from the developers. Then 2 years later, Neo Monsters debuted with outstanding and upgraded quality, but one problem popped out as they could not decide if the game is a totally free-to-play social RPG or another Pokemon-like title.

And now, welcome the comeback of ZigZaGame with Evertale, another monster-collecting RPG. Check out the trailer for more details.

In Evertale, you will enter an adventure of rescuing the land of Erden from Pandemonium, a deadly ancient curse. You will have to beat wild monsters and capture them to your own team, then train them and allow them to transform into proper forms. There will be up to 180 creatures, and you can use collected equipment and weapons to earn the advantage for your team. The artwork of the game should play an important part in up-lifting the adventurous spirit, as the developers said there will be “landscapes, bustling cities, and mythical dungeons”.

Evertale Gameplay
There are up to 180 monsters and heroes in the game

Evertale also features real-time PvP leagues and Guilds so you can compete and chat with other players.

Evertale will be available on the App Store on February 28th. All you have to pay is 99¢ (Rs 70) to enjoy this exciting title. You can register to pre-order the game on the App Store right now.