Fidel: Dungeon Rescue is a pet puzzle crawler and is developed by Daniel Benmergui, Jeremías Babini, Hernán Rozenwasser and Tomás Batista. Puzzle games may not be a hot trend today but it still has many interesting and addicting games on store. Here is the trailer:

In Fidel: Dungeon Rescue, you will play as Fidel, a dog,who is trying to rescue a lady from a mean dragons from dark dungeons. The game has 15 levels for you to play. The gameplay is very simple. You only need to draw a path from the entrance to the exit gate and stay alive. Each room has many enemies and straps which move under their own and have hidden moving rules. You should watch out every moves you make because you may still alive at the moments but you can die 1 second after. Luckily, you can rewind your move at anytime,  all the way back to the entrance with no consequences. However, you should remember that if you die twice at a level, a ghost will appear and chase you and unless you make it to the exit, the game will be over.

Lets take a tour of this game



There are so many ways for you to reach out to the exit. You can choose to avoid monsters or defeat them on the way. If you are lost, you will lose a heart and die but if you win, you will gain xp, which allows you to earn an extra heart in next level. Moreover, remember to collect coins too, in order to buy bombs or health potions


You can grab a health to kill the spider and it will flip over like this.



There can be other enemies besides like Dracula, carnivorous plants


These spear mans can kill you stealthily


A robot dog can mimic your move.

If you are tired of action or sport games, why don’t you try Fidel: Dungeon Rescue. You will fill very excited when you find out the moving rules of the enemies as well as the best way to win the level with most kills and coins.