As a result of the new coronavirus pandemic, people have been forced to stay indoors as part of nationwide quarantine to stop the dangerous and contagious disease from spreading further. During these lockdowns, people get to turn to things which they generally do not get time for. Some people are catching up on their reading and some finally have time for their hobbies, others are working on some indoor activities and even passing around some 'Find the cat puzzle'.

As many people are turning to social media to interact and keep in touch with their friends and family members, they have been passing around fun things to do while on their devices. A lot of people are trying to solve a bunch of puzzles and quizzes across their WhatsApp groups.

Among them, one of the most interesting and tricky puzzles is the 'Find the cat puzzle', which is also quite popular. If you are interested in what the puzzle is about, or if you already knew and wanted to Find the cat puzzle answer, keep on reading to find out.

Find the cat puzzle getting netizens confused

A tricky new brainteaser is challenging netizens to spot the cat in this illustration. Shared on Reddit, users have struggled to spot the sneaky feline, who is hiding from the woman with the broom in this image. The puzzle has left fellow Redditors stumped, and only the shrewdest of players may successfully spot the cat.

find the cat puzzle woman broom
Anyone who can detect a cat here within a minute must be really lucky or has an eagle's eyes

Are you struggling to spot it? Here's a quick clue, you might need to look at the Find the cat puzzle from a different perspective to solve it. Scroll down for the reveal - but don't look at it until you have decided to give up.

Eagle-eyed players should be able to spot the outline of the kitty in the negative space between the woman’s hair and her broom. Explaining the solution, one Redditor wrote: “Rotate the image 90° clockwise. You will see a rough outline of a cat on the yellow wall (negative space) in between the woman's head and the broomstick she's holding.”

find the cat puzzle answer
Here's the answer if you have scratched your head enough

In this picture, people are supposed to find where the cat is hiding. At first glance, it is hard to figure out where this enigmatic cat is because many of these puzzles contain an obvious image of a cat. No matter how hard you look, there just isn't a cat that is plain for us to see. The cat only exists as a shape formed by the surrounding objects and can only be seen when one turns the image at a 90-degree angle.

Then one can see that the feline shape starts to form between the woman's arm and curtain just behind her. It can be observed that the image of a cat is hidden there. To see it, follow the lines that run from the head of the woman towards the hand that is holding the broom and turn towards the curtain and close the loop near her head. And that's the Find the cat puzzle answer.

More puzzles like Find the cat puzzle and answers

There are some netizens who reportedly dismissed the puzzle to be a fake as they could not find the cat, nor convinced that the hidden cat shape was really put there. There are a number of puzzles similar to this on the internet. Even though the answer is visible, it is difficult to find by hiding in plain sight. Readers need to put in extra attention and time to solve puzzles of this kind.

puzzle games
Another fun little puzzle that is more about finding facial patterns than something intentionally puzzling

After more boredom busting puzzles? Last week, this woman challenged people to spot her pug in this seemingly empty park shot. She said: “Just for fun. Hit like when you have found the pug.”
The post has been liked nearly 1,000 times, and people spent ages searching for the pooch. If you’ve been searching with no luck, fear not as we’ve circled the pug below.

games like find the cat puzzle
Here's the answer for this one

The current raging pandemic has led to many people around the world to maintain social distancing and self-quarantine to flatten the curve of the outbreak. As people spend time indoors, entertainment has become a key aspect of people's lives as our devices are a great form of entertainment when inside.

As of now, there are a number of puzzles and quizzes which are going around on WhatsApp and other social media platforms which are asking people to spend time and try to solve them. One such difficult to crack puzzle has now been doing rounds on social media, which is also a Find the cat puzzle.

spot the difference find the cat puzzle
This time you will see an actual cat, but there's a lot more things in this picture to find it

As seen above, the puzzle consists of a number of complex structures and a hidden image of a cat among the concrete jungle. It asks readers to find the hidden cat somewhere in this jungle which is quite a task.

The structures in the puzzle are convoluted and heavily juxtaposed which make it difficult for readers to detect the cat. If you have spent enough time looking at the puzzle and not find the cat, then the answer for the Find cat puzzle is just below.

find the cat puzzle buildings answer
And here is the cat for you, tucked away in a little spot

As seen above, the cat in the puzzle is slipped in the picture in a very clever way. While you can make out that there is an actual face of a cat in this puzzle vs. the one above, it blends seamlessly into the buildings. And besides, the monochromatic colors of the puzzle make the cat's head even more dissipated in a sea of black and white.

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