FPS.io is a strange game.

The graphics are not that good, with a bunch of block-like characters. Which is cute to some people, but by today's standard, the graphic of the game is mediocre at best.

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Yet, the game still has a lot of followers and fans, due to addictive and fun gameplay. The motivation to keep on getting better is a great push to keep on playing. But, like so many games with a lot of characters, sometimes, the best way to get better is finding a suitable character to play.

So, let take a look around FPS.io's characters roster, and see which one is the best:

Mercenary – Renner

Best Hero In Fpsio 1

This is the default starter hero. Renner is like so many default characters in games: a jack-of-all-trades kind of character, with balance stats and skill set. His weapon is a rifle with a good firing rate, leads to decent overall DPS. His passive increase that DPS, even more, when being under enemies fire. Overall, a "vanilla character", suitable for everyone.

Sniper – Eva

Best Hero In Fpsio 2

As the name of "Sniper" implies, Eva is a one-shot, big-damage character, with exceptional attack range. Her weakness is low firing rate, and almost useless when fighting in close range. As a character who snipes enemies from far away, Eva requires good map awareness and is one of the more difficult characters.

Swat – Wesker

Best Hero In Fpsio 3

The weapon of Wesker is a shotgun, with big damage at close range but useless at long range. In other words, the polar opposite of Eva. As a close-range character, Wesker is a kind of "Tank", with good Health and a reflect damage passive skill. His active skill is a shield, which makes him even stronger in one-on-one situations.

Engineer – Alex

Best Hero In Fpsio 4

One of the more "unique" characters in the game. Alex is an engineer, who can deploy sentries in combat. As a "setup-oriented" character, Alex is useless on his own, but when he places his army of sentry guns, he is nearly untouchable. The guns have decent hit points and can be repaired by Alex shooting at them.

Bomb Mania – Max Boom

Best Hero In Fpsio 5

The "ka-boom" type of characters, with bombing abilities that can deal massive AOE damage. Max Boom also requires good setup ability, along with decent aiming skill, since he needs to come close and shoot his bomb to detonate it. Since the playstyle of Max Boom requires getting close to enemies, he has a passive skill that can restore his armor at a set interval to increase survivability.

Bank Robber – Rika

Best Hero In Fpsio 6

Rika is the "Fragile Speedster" of FPS.io. She has superior firing rate, which can deal massive damage to the target in no time at all. Like so many speed type characters, her skill increase dodging chance, with an invisibility skill use for approaching or running away.

Riot Police – PO-31

Best Hero In Fpsio 7

Riot Police is a character similar to Wesker, with weapon and skill set tailored for close combat. But unlike Wesker who have a shotgun, PO-31's weapon is a police baton, a melee weapon with no long-range capabilities at all. With an active skill can stun the opponent, don't let PO-31 get close-and-personal with you, or else you will be destroyed in no time.

Rocketeer – Phoenix

Best Hero In Fpsio 8

The most expensive character, also one of the strongest. Phoenix can deal massive AOE damage to his opponents, from a decent range, too. But like so many "glass-cannon" character, his health is very, very low, which can make him an easy target.

So… which one is the best in FPS.io?

The answer is no one. Every character has his/her own strength and weakness, with can be strong or weak depends on the players' playstyle. The developer also puts a lot of efforts to this game to make sure FPS.io is a balanced game, with no game-breaking character. Maybe that's one of the reason making this game so popular and addictive.

So, the most suitable character to your playstyle is the best character for you.