Free Fire is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary from August 13th to 30th, 2020. The game publisher also introduced many exciting events with a lot of attractive rewards, including Time Tunnel Event and Time Capsule Store. Here are things you need to know about these two events.

Complete Time Tunnel Milestone

You will play Free Fire matches and collect Blue Chips to complete the Time Tunnel Milestone. You will complete these milestones with all Free Fire players in the world. Try to collect as many chips as possible to reach the milestones quickly and get rewards together. Besides, you need to complete the Exploration Missions to collect Time Tokens and unlock Time Tunnel progresses.

Time Tunnel Event
Time Tunnel Event

To complete the Exploration Missions, you tap on the blue button on the bottom left corner on the phone screen. Then, you will see four missions to complete. You need to select the required number of characters and tap the 'Start' button.  When the progress is completed, you can claim rewards. When you collect enough 10 Time token, you can Put Token and get one Blue Chip.

Time Tunnel
Time Tunnel Milestones

Time Capsule Store

Next, this event also brings you a Time Capsule Store to exchange blue chips and get time-limited or permanent bundles and items. There are two sets of time capsule rewards, including Normal Time Capsule (pink) and Ultra Time Capsule (yellow).

Time Capsule
Time Capsule Store

Each of Time Capsule spin gives players a different set of prizes. Lucky players can get the grand prizes. However, you can only access the Ultra Time Capsule store after you reach the 29th box in the Time Tunnel.

Web Event

Last but not least, you can also join the Web Event from August 19th. Free Fire players will have to collect nine types of chips in this 3rd anniversary and collect rewards. This event is still not available now. So, the game system will tell you to stay tuned when you tap on the Web Event button.

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