Free Fire movement is an important skill that you need to master. Sometimes, moving fast is very important when engaging in combat. Here are some pro tips to increase moving speed in Free Fire. Check them out with

Free Fire Pro Tips To Improve Your Moving Speed

There are some tips to move faster in Free Fire.

  • Use the skill combo: Free Fire game lets players use the skill combo of different characters in the character they choose to play. Each character has three skill slots. Then, you can add three extra skills from other characters. You should add the skill The Dash of Kelly to run faster. With Kelly's skill, you will run as fast as lightning.
Use Skill Combo
Add The Dash Of Kelly To The Skill Combo
  • Enable Auto Pick Up: Enabling the feature Auto Pick Up helps you save time in picking up items and supplies. In the Setting section, choose the item you want to pick up automatically. Select the necessary supplies and familiar items you often use. Don't select the items you never use to save time. In addition, choose the Fast option for the auto pick-up speed.
Turn On Auto Pick Up
Turn On Auto Pick-Up And Quick Auto Pick-Up
  • Besides, increase the camera sensitivity to move and turn quickly.
Increase The Sensitivity
  • Gun Switch: To shoot quickly, you need to switch the gun instead of reloading ammo. Besides, you should jump to avoid getting shot when switching weapons.
Jump To Switch Weapons
Jump To Switch Weapons
  • Moreover, you need to change the position quickly and keep moving when aiming and shooting.
Change The Position Quickly
Change The Position Quickly
  • In addition, you need to create Gloo Wall quickly and use grenade for quick rush. Moreover, you need to jump and run to approach the enemies very rapidly.

You should use claw setting to combine these movements fast. Quick actions are very important in this game. It's also the key to get Booyah in this game.