These signs show that you may play games a bit too much and need to take a break from the virtual world for a while to “recharge” your energy. 

You’re too sleepy but you keep playing anyway 

This shows that you’re really addicted to the game. Each time when your head hits the pillow, you see yourself “wandering” in the game solving puzzles, encountering a boss, or being stuck in a maze. Being too passionate about gaming makes you unable to get out of the virtual world, and then you can say 'hello' to the next morning with blinking eyes. 

Video Games Sign 1

You want to try stealing cars just like in GTA

This may sound like a joke, but this is really tempting for gamers who are already addicted and love the action. After thousands of hours experiencing games like GTA or Saint’s Row, it must be very hard to resist doing that, but you better hold yourself back.

Video Games Sign 2 

You try to find in-game bugs as fast as possible

Both the game developers and most gamers never want to see bugs in their game at all. However, some players want to use bugs to benefit themselves. Of course, this can only happen in games and never in real life. But indeed, in real life, there are times that everyone has to face all kinds of irony situations such as getting into a fight with their lover or seeing their family, and perhaps those will be better solved if there are “game bugs”. 

Gta Bugs

Parameters of real-life objects in your head

In your eyes now, everything appears to have parameters, and they even have HP, MP, and skills. If you see a person, there will be an HP bar on their head, see an object, there will be numbers of weight and value popping up. You can even see an exclamation mark, a common sign of unfinished in-game tasks. 

Cat Petting