Garena Free Fire now wants to take its existing gun skin collection to a whole new level. The game has dropped a teaser with the cinematic look on its YouTube Channel. The developers have already been doing a phenomenal job making the current weapon skins. But this new Blue Flame Draco AK skin is on a tier of its own!

AK47 Dragon
How to tame your AK47 Dragon?

Read on for more details on the release of the upcoming Blue Flame Draco AK skin in Garena Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire  to Introduce the Upgradeable Blue Flame Draco AK Skin

Now you can fulfill your dream of being a dragon tamer in the realm of Garena Free Fire. The game is about to release perhaps the most powerful and realistic AK skin that you have ever seen.

As confirmed by the publisher, the skin will be upgradeable that evolves with different looks. It is expected to bring more satisfying visual effects to the weapon. However, to upgrade the skin, players must collect Dragon Scale tokens.

Free Fire Blue Flame Draco 2
Evolution changes the Blue Flame Draco skin!

On top of that, the gun also comes with an exclusive emote, a kill animation, and more. The full bundle will be revealed as soon as the Blue Flame Draco skin hits the shelf.

exclusive emote
The skin comes with its exclusive emotes and more

From the look of it, the skin will be expensive though. But considering the fact that it's a bunch of skins put down into one, it's well worth the investment. Plus, the Blue Flame Draco AK has one of the best statistics and visual effects. Some content creators have already had the first look at this skin.

The developers announced the release date of the Blue Flame Draco AK skin to be on the 25th of October. The skin looks surreal, and those who own it will be the center of attention for sure!