Diamonds are the premium currency in Garena Free Fire. Players may find a plethora of uses for Diamonds, such as purchasing cosmetic items, Elite Passes, and more. However, Diamonds don't come for free. You must spend money from your own pockets to get them. As a result, events or promotions that offer bonus Diamonds are extremely sought-after.

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Diamonds can buy you all sorts of things in the game

Let's check out how you can obtain a 100% top-up bonus from Games Kharido and the in-game event!

Games Kharido

This top-up service is provided by none other than Garena itself. Games Kharido has a promotional offers players a 100% value bonus. However, it's only applicable to your first top-up.

Here are the steps to buy Diamonds from Games Kharido:

  • #1: Visit the official website of Games Kharido here.
Log in to the website.
Log in to the website.
  • #2: Log in to use the website Free Fire via Facebook or Player ID.
  • #3: Choose one top-up denomination from the list of options.
The top-up options
Top-up options on Games Kharido
  • #4: After successfully making the payment, Diamonds will be credited to your Free Fire account.

In-game Top-up Bonus

Free Fire also has an on-going promotional offer that will provide players with a 100% bonus diamond top-up. However, the maximum bonus cap is only at 1000 Diamonds.

Follow the steps below to get a 100% bonus Diamond top-up in the game:

  • #1: Click on the Diamond icon on the top of the screen. Various top-up options will appear.
  • #2: Pick and purchase the number of Diamonds you want.
  • #3: After purchasing the diamonds, navigate to the "100% Bonus-top option" under the events tab.
  • #4: Click on the claim button to get the bonus amount of diamonds.

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