The OB26 Advance Server is here! Garena Free Fire introduces a big update every 2 months, bringing new items, events, and characters to the battlegrounds. And before the new content hits the live server, Garena always opens the Advance Server for survivors to test it out and give their feedback. Let's check out what Free Fire has in store for us in the OB26 update this March.

Upcoming Characters

In the Free Fire OB26 Advance Server, players find two new names in the file archive: The Superstar and Shirou. So far, we can not determine whether they're original characters or another product of a collaboration like Chrono. Let’s learn a bit more about both characters' abilities.

The Superstar

According to the Advance Server file archive, this character will likely be featured in an upcoming collaboration. Regarding his/her ability, it's quite an interesting one. When players are hit by an enemy standing within a certain range, the enemy will be marked for a period of time. The marker is visible only to The Superstar. The first shot at the marked target will reduce its armor.

free fire superstar ability
The Superstar's Ability


Next stop, we have Shirou. According to the game file, he is "the fastest delivery man around". His ability may have nothing to do with this point, though. Shirou can mark enemies, disabling their active skills and EP recovery for a period of time. The marker is only available to Shirou players.

Shirou's Ability

New Gun Skins

The next weapon to receive an Evo skin will be the MP40.  In the Free Fire OB26 update, this gun receives one of the most powerful skins, which even leaves the top incubator MP40 skins to bite the dust. There has not been any official picture of this MP40 skin yet. However, we do have leaks saying its name will be Cobra MP40. It will have a 40% increase in the rate of fire, a 20% increase in damage, but a 20% decrease in movement speed.

Image 5 Best Mp40 Skin In Free Fire
The MP40 is getting a new Evo Skin

New Events

The data file in the OB26 Advance Server also suggests two major events are coming to Free Fire. One will take the angelic theme, while the other seems to celebrate summer.

Communication Update
The game's Community System also gets an update