There are so many aspects that make up the unique gameplay style of Garena Free Fire. Some say it mostly comes from the character system, others argue that it's the game's fast-paced action. However, we can not simply leave the weapons out of the equation. Free Fire features quite an extensive collection of firearms, which greatly contribute to its overall appeal. With the right gun combination, you can easily decimate the enemies. Here are the top 5 deadliest weapon combos in Garena Free Fire as of January 2021.

#1 - AK + MP40

For players who engage in a lot of close to mid-range combat, the AK and MP40 combo make everything so easy. The MP40 is a fearsome weapon in close range with its incredible fire rate and can take out enemies in a blink of an eye. The AK also dish out decent damage along with an impressive fire rate. Hence, this combo is a good option for you to pick up.

mp40 free fire
Don't underestimate the power of the MP40

The SCAR is a well-balanced rifle that is great for beginners. Pairing it with a shotgun has long been a favorite among gamers in Free Fire. SPAS12 is an ideal shotgun as it packs quite a punch along with great mobility. Hence, this combo can be a great option for mid and close-range fights.

The SPAS12 is deadly

#3 - AN94 + AWM

The AN94 and AWM combo are perhaps as good as it gets when it comes to long and mid-range fights. Though having high recoil, the AN94 still dish out incredible damage at a rapid rate of fire.   You just have to learn to control it a little bit. The AWM is the best Sniper option in Free Fire and can one-shot-kill enemies at long ranges.

an94 free fire
The AN94 is a great pick-up as long as you can control it

#4 - M249 + XM8

The M249 LMG and AR XM8 combo is a great option for players who want to engage in mid-range combats, but don't like to use sniper rifles. The XM8 comes with a pre-attached 2x scope that effectively handles the situation. We don't have to say much about the M249 with its 'suppressive fire'. The only catch is that this gun is only available in airdrops.

m249 free fire
M249 for the win

#5 - AK + SKS

Last but not least, we have a DMR and AR combo - a heavy favorite among Free Fire players. The AK deals great damage over an impressive range, in spite of being an AR. The semi-automatic sniper rifle SKS comes with a pre-attached 4x scope, ideal for long ranges combats.