The Hacker’s Store has returned to Garena Free Fire, and there are things in it that you should definitely check out. For a starting price of 9 Diamonds, you can get all sorts of cosmetics from the store. The main attraction is indeed the Devil Hunter Bundle.

devil hunter bundle
Check out the Devil Hunter Bundle in Garena Free Fire

The bundle has been made available in Garena Free Fire a few months earlier. It's one of the 6 Grand Prizes players can choose from when they enter the Hacker’s Store for the first time.

Grand Prize Selections in Free Fire Hacker’s Store:

  1. White Shadow Bundle
  2. Battle Goddess Bundle
  3. Devil Hunter Bundle
  4. Scar- Aurous Dragon
  5. MP40- Slaughter Party
  6. M-60 Crimson Red
Grand Prize Bundle
Choose your Grand Prize first

Besides the Grand Prizes, players can also select a Bonus Prize from the list below:

  1. Wolfrahh
  2. Clu
  3. Robo
  4. Party Dance Emote
  5. Painted Omen
  6. Name Change Card
Devil Hunter Bundle items
The bundle includes 5 items

Once both the selections are finished, players can start lucky draw. However, remember to choose carefully since you can not change the selections.

Devil Hunter Bundle

The Hacker Store opens from 2nd October until 8th October. So, you have 5 days left to win the prizes before the store closes down again. Hence, choose your rewards right now and go for a spin! All the items you win will be sent directly to the Vault.

Pay Diamonds To Spin And Get Rewards C2f8
The first spin only costs 9 Diamonds

For the first spin, you will have to pay 9 Diamonds. The prices go up for every new spin starting from the second one, but so does your chance of getting the Grand Prize. Here how much each spin costs:

  • 1st Spin – 9 Diamonds
  • 2nd Spin – 19 Diamonds
  • 3rd Spin – 49 Diamonds
  • 4th Spin – 99 Diamonds
  • 5th Spin – 199 Diamonds
  • 6th Spin – 499 Diamonds
free fire hacker store banner
The Hacker's Store only opens until the 8th of October

If you're insanely lucky and get the Grand Prize from the first spin, it's would a once in a lifetime bargain. However, in case you're unfortunate enough to only get the bundle after 6 spins, then you've paid a total of 874 Diamonds. However, even when you get it at the 5th turn, it's still a great deal since the last round cost more than double that amount.