Nahida is a 5-star Dendro Catalyst wielder who is going to come out with the 3.2 update on November 2, 2022. Recent Genshin Impact 3.2 leaks have revealed Nahida's animations, including her Elemental Skill and Burst.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything available about Nahida's skill set so far, including the visuals of her skill, burst, and attacks.

It is expected that Nahida's banner has the potential to become one of the biggest, as she is an archon and the third Dendro character released.

Nahida normal attack

Nahida's Normal Attack has 4 stages, which involve her summoning a floating platform and blasting enemies with Dendro.

The charged attack sees her summoning a Dendro circle and making it explode in an AoE.

Nahida Idle Animation

Apparently, Nahida can create construct with her Dendro Energy. In the first idle animation, she creates a cage with a bird inside, then open it to set the bird free.

In the second idle animation, Nahida uses a swing made of Dendro energy. Her expression changes as she swings.

Nahida Elemental Skill

Nahida's Elemental Skill is called All Schemes to Know. It has 2 modes: Tap and Hold.

  • Tapping the button will make her do a quick attack with Dendro energy, hitting enemies in front of her and marking them with a Seed of Skandha.
  • The hold mode will allow Nahida to float upwards and mark up to 8 opponents during the 5 seconds duration. Afterward, Nahida fires a Seed of Skandha at each of them, marking them up together.

Triggering an Elemental Reaction on one of the enemies marked with a Seed of Skandha will cause all linked foes to take Dendro damage based on Nahida's ATK and Elemental Mastery. This effect is called Tri-Karma Purification.

Nahida Elemental Burst

Nahida has one of the best looking Burst in the game. It is called Illusory Heart and summons the Shrine of Maya.

Her burst grant additional bonuses to the character based on the elements of her teammates. Having 2 members of the same element would boost the effect greatly. Only elements that react with Dendro get boosted.

  • Electro: While Nahida remains within the Shrine of Maya, the interval between Tri-Karma Purifications is decreased.
  • Pyro: While Nahida remains in the Shrine of Maya, the damage dealt by the Tri-Karma Purification is increased.
  • Hydro: The Shrine of Maya's duration is increased.

Nahida Signature Weapon

Her signature weapon is a catalyst called A Thousand Floating Dreams. It has elemental mastery as a secondary stat and boosts the EM of other characters in the party. This is a support skill designed around Nahida's kit.


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