Genshin Impact players are celebrating the birthdays of the following characters in June 2023. Check out the potential rewards at their birthday parties.

#1. Paimon

Paimon celebrates her birthday every June 1st. This is the 3rd time we receive her birthday present since the game's release. Genshin Impact players always receive Sugar, Flour, and a random local material from the MC of the game.

#2. Arataki Itto

Today is Itto's birthday. Last year, Genshin Impact gave players a dish of 'Way of the Strong' and ten Lavender Melons. Today, you can open the mailbox and get another dish of 'Way of the Strong' and some attachments, including Seagrass, Naku Weed, and Scarab.

Paimon And Itto
Happy birthday to Paimon and Itto.

#3. Lisa

Next week, Lisa will celebrate her 2023's birthday on June 9th with various presents. Recently, we are exploring her old institute in Sumeru and a lot of stories about Lisa. This year, you also get her signature dish named Mysterious Bolognese and some unknown attachments.

#4. Venti

Venti's birthday falls on June 16th. The Anemo archon always gives Genshin Impact player a dish of 'A Buoyant Breeze' on his birthday. This is the signature dish that he made based on the recipe of the dish 'Barbatos Ratatouille'. You also receive some other local specialties in Mondstadt.

Join Birthday Party
Join the birthday party of Lisa and Venti.

#5. Yoimiya

Yoimiya's birthday is on June 261st. You will receive a dish called Summer Festival Fish, the signature dish of this character. Last year, she gave players Taiyaki and sugar. Therefore, you may get some different ingredients and food from Inazuma. You may get some necessary ascension materials in her birthday mail.

#6. Cyno

This June 23rd is the first birthday Cyno celebrates in Genshin Impact as a playable character. Genshin players who haven't tried his special dish - Duel Soul before will have the chance to taste this dish this month. Besides, you may get some other local ingredients from the Desert of Sumeru.

Yoimiya And Cyno
Yoimiya and Cyno also celebrate their birthdays this month.

#7. Raiden Shogun

This is the second time the Electro Archon has her birthday celebrated in Genshin Impact. Last year, Genshin players get 2 units of each gift, including Tricolor Dango, Sakura Mochi, and Dango Milk. However, the Electro Archon does not have a special dish. Therefore, it's impossible to predict the birthday gift you may get this June 26th.

#8. Yae Miko

Yae Miko is the last character who will celebrate her birthday this month. Her birthday will fall on June 27th, a day after her best friend's birthday. Her special dish is Fukuuchi Udon, the special version of Udon Noodles. This year, she may not get Sakura Bloom like her birthday gift last year.

Welcome To Yae Miko And Raiden Shoguns Birthday Pa
Join Yae Miko and Raiden Shogun's birthday party this month.

These birthday gifts will be available in the in-game mailbox. You only have to log into the game on their birthday and within 30 days after the sending date.

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