The current featured five-star characters: Eula, the Cryo claymore user, and Klee, the mischievous Pyro catalyst, are part of the ongoing version 3.8's first banner cycle, giving players the chance to add them to their team by making wishes on the Limited Character Banner. A nifty chart displays the revenue recently and it shows quite surprising turn of events.

The limited banners in Genshin Impact usually stick around for 3 to 4 weeks, leaving players with approximately two more weeks to gather enough Primogems. HoYoverse spilled the beans that Eula and Klee will be replaced by Sanogonomiya Kokomi and Wanderer in the second half of the update. So, time's running out for players to gather their Primogems and make a move before Eula and Klee step aside for the newcomers.

Klee Eula banner revenue

GenshinLab, a popular revenue website dedicated to Genshin Impact, has unveiled the rankings of the ongoing Klee and Eula banner in terms of sales. Surprisingly, this double banner is the third lowest-performing banner on the all-time revenue list. This comes as a major surprise given the considerable excitement surrounding Eula's comeback.

Klee Eula Banner
Klee and Eula double banner ranks lower than expected, even worse than some single-character banners in the game.

Eula had not been featured in a banner since November 2021, resulting in her absence from the spotlight for over 500 days. However, despite the considerable anticipation, her sales have been disappointingly lackluster, possibly due to a multitude of factors.

Notably, the two banners ranking lower on the list showcased just a single character each, highlighting that the Klee and Eula double banner stands as one of the least successful banners in the game's history.

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More reasons behind the underwhelming update 3.8 banner

One of the primary factors to the relatively subdued sales is that many fans are reserving their Primogems for the upcoming Fontaine characters.

Genshin Impact's recent promotional videos have introduced a plethora of fresh faces, from Lyney and Lynette to Freminet. Also, they already confirmed for version 4.0 that Arlecchino and the Hydro Archon would join the character roster in the coming months. The eager anticipation for forthcoming characters has likely impacted the sales of the ongoing banner.

Another reason why many players skipped this banner could be that it featured two characters that are not considered part of Genshin Impact's meta at the moment. Though Klee is one of the fan-favorite characters, her kit is kind of underwhelming compared to some of the newly released units.

Eula Banner Failure
Eula and Klee are still the most worthy characters to pull in Genshin Impact. It's just bad timing for them this time.

Eula's Cryo element has also been slowly pushed out of the meta after the release of Dendro elemental reactions. Despite the low sales, Eula is still considered a decent DPS character in Genshin Impact. She still holds the record for the largest recorded damage number in the game.

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