This week, Heroes of Flatlandia, a new turn-based strategy game developed by Highland Studio, has been brought to Google Play Store.

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Heroes Of Flatlandia, a new strategy game for Android users

In its official description, Heroes of Flatlandia is called an epic turn-based strategy. In this game, people take the role of one of several powerful heroes in the fantasy world of Flatlandia. In order to expand their influence and conquer enemies, players need to raise their own army, fight again enemies in battlefields. Even though the elves-versus-undead theme might be a reference to the classic Warcraft, Heroes of Flatlandia is basically a Heroes of Might and Magic clone. It also drew heavy inspirations from Age of Wonders as well. According to the developers, they are big fans of those two but see no decent games of the genre on Android, so they decided to create one of their own.

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Heroes of Flatlandia bears some striking resemblance to Heroes of Might and Magic

The developer of the game is such a small team, consisting of only two people. Due to the lack of human resource, there is no music and barely any sound effects in the game. This audio limitation has disinterested many players.

Age Of Wonder
Heroes of Flatlandia is greatly inspired by Age of Wonders

Besides, the game features also need some improving and polishing. There are currently only two distinct races with premade scenarios, along with 14 different units and 4 playable heroes.  Moreover, the "autoplay" mode also raises some controversy. Some feel it makes the gaming boring and unchallenging, while others think that it helps free their hands to do other tasks when clearing out weaker mobs and they can switch to manual mode once encountering tough enemies.

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The gameplay of Heroes of Flatlandia

Responding to the feedback, the developers said that they did not expect people to pick up the game so soon. Still, they are willing to receive comments and criticism from players about the game to complete it in the future. They also didn't forget to promise that a tutorial and a campaign with more races are under development and will be coming soon.

Let's take a look at a short teaser of Heroes of Flatlandia. For Android users, if you have some interest in the game but not sure want to purchase the game, you can grab its demo version first.

To wrap up, Heroes of Flatlandia is still really potential despite its several dimensions.