The night has come, the stage is prepared, the background is set .... let's go Hit the Light! This week, we had the great release of  Hit the Light, a free to play brick breaker on both Android and iOS.

Let's Hit the Light

Each level of Hit the Light is a very beautiful picture make out completely of neon lights. Your mission is to demolish or destroy them all using various type of tools, each will have its own function and usage: white balls ricochet off any neon objects, shurikens (ninja stars) slash through all the things on its way, bombs demolish everything in its explosion parameter. But different than the classic game of flipper/ pinball type, the balls don't come back and there isn't any paddle, you will be given only a limited amount of shots so be sure that you calculate well before shooting one.

Free with in-game purchases

Hit The Light A Colorful Arcade Shooter Has Hit Th
Levels in the game

Hit the Light will be a free game, but it comes with in-game purchases. However, you could always skip these purchases and they are not that intrusive or interruptive to your gaming experiences anyway. Of course, if you like the game and wish to support the dev, your 3$ is always welcomed. You will also have diamonds, an in-game currency that you could spend to buy all the fancy equipment and guns. A friendly reminder: Even if you like those guns, just do not forget to try other weapons too because they also have their own unique and fun abilities to offer.

Hit The Light A Colorful Arcade Shooter Has Hit Th

The sound of glass breaking into pieces is incredibly satisfying, and your phone will slightly vibrate every time a ball hits the lights, which only serves to enhance the experience. To sum up, Hit the Light is a really fun mobile minigame that doesn’t have a lot of ads. It will give you the exact thing you need when looking for a casual- fun game.

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