Square Enix has temporarily removed the price of Hitman Sniper, meaning the game is now available for free on Google Play Store. However, this offer will not stay forever, so if you haven't played it, download it now to get the chance to experience the game without having to pay a penny.

The targets of Agent 47 are often in large villas by the lake.

Just like in other Hitman games, in Sniper you will control the iconic assassin Agent 47. This time, however, he has a new toy to play with: a sniper rifle with which he can assassinate the powerful figures who have gathered at a large lakeside building complex. Since the game is played in the first-person perspective through the sniper scope, Agent 47 cannot be attacked or killed, but the mission will fail if you let your targets escape. The game will become more interesting and more challenging as players must try to isolate their victims so that others do not notice the assassination and become alert.

In order to avoid the accomplices who run to inform each other to escape together, the player must find a way to attack them separately.

Shot straight at the targets is not the only method to destroy them. Players can shoot broken glass and let enemies fall, create traps like turning on fans to knock targets to their deaths, or distracting the guards by setting off car alarms.

Although the entire game is just sniping, it is not boring by any means with all the creative ways you can come up with to kill your targets. In addition, there are many types of sniper rifles with different abilities and performance for players to choose according to their personal preferences, but players must overcome challenges and missions to achieve the new weapons or special abilities.

Players must try to pass missions to upgrade new guns

Even though Hitman Sniper has been out for a few years, it is all but outdated. Up to now, it has had 10 million players. And now that it is free, you should quickly catch it on Google Play.

Hitman Sniper - Launch Trailer