A few weeks ago we had a glimpse at developer Itatake’s Rest in Pieces, an upcoming third-person swinging game with a unique and eerie atmosphere. The game plays like an endless runner with a behind-the-back perspective, but instead of running, you will be swinging from side to side to avoid obstacles. The environments are harsh and terrifying, but the characters you will control are these elegant but fragile porcelain dolls. The contrast between them is somehow so unsettling yet so at the same time. Rest in Pieces just got a brand new trailer, so check it out below to see how the game is like with your own eyes:

Rest in Pieces features three distinct environments, each with its own theme: the “Killer Clown Nightmare" level bears a twisted resemblance to a circus, “Kraken Rises from the Depths” features monsters of the sea, and “Rage of Yeti” will be snowy. As you can see from the trailer below, there’s a giant boss looming on the horizon, and you’ll actually get to face off against it. What’s even cooler is, the levels all have their own unique playable figurines, and these figurines all follow the theme of that level. For example, in “Killer Clown” you get to play as a young girl, a circus elephant, or an acrobat. “Kraken”, meanwhile, has a surfer, a ship captain, and a vomiting pirate. They are all very well designed and totally look like something that a person would buy to decorate their house. Check out some pictures below.

Rest In Pieces Circus
The dolls in "Killer Clown Nightmare" take on a circus theme

Rest In Pieces Pirates
Meanwhile, those of "Kraken Rises From The Depths" are related to the sea

If you’re interested in Rest in Pieces, then good news: Itatake has announced that the game will be coming on March 7. Right now, pre-order is already available on the App Store if you want to play the game as soon as it arrives. Be prepared to overcome your worst nightmares when Rest in Pieces launches next week!