Garena Free Fire is a free-to-play Battle Royale game that is dominating charts around the world. However, not all content can be accessed by F2P players. Most aesthetic items (skins and character bundles), characters, pets, Elite Passes,... are Diamond-exclusive.

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Most Items In Free Fire Cost Diamonds

It means in order to acquire these items in Garena Free Fire, survivors must purchase them via Diamonds. This in-game currency, in turn, costs real money to obtain. So, if you make one misstep, there's a pretty high chance you waste your rupees!

Read on to our guide right here on the best ways to spend money in Garena Free Fire to fully exploit your investment.

Elite Pass

By far, the Elite Pass is the most economical micro-transaction in Free Fire. Upon obtaining this Pass, survivors can win a wide range of exclusive items. However, you will have to log in regularly and complete daily and weekly missions to collect badges.

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We Highly Recommend Buying Elite Pass

There are two variants of the pass in Free Fire. Survivors can acquire the Elite Pass for 499 Diamonds and the Elite Bundle for 999 Diamonds.

We're currently at the Season 33 Elite Pass - Fuji Folklore. Here are a few of the rewards you can obtain from it:

Spend Diamonds Free Fire 33 Elite Pass
Free Fire Season 33 Elite Pass - Fuji Folklore
  • #1 Pan – Fuji Folklore
  • #2 Folklore Hoodie (Female)
  • #3 Sports Car – Fuji Folklore
  • #4 Kimono Dancer Bundle
  • #5 USP – Fuji Folklore
  • #6 Fuji Folklore Backpack
  • #7 Plasma – Fuji Folklore
  • #8 Koi Surfer (Surfboard)
  • #9 Fuji Folklore Loot Box
  • #10 Kimono Fighter Bundle


In-game events are common in Free Fire. They're another great way to spend your money. The developers introduce regular events to the game, offering players the opportunity to win various exclusive rewards. At the moment, we have the Valentine’s Star and Valentine’s Wish events.

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Spend Your Money Wisely


Save up and wait until top-up or big events in Garena Free Fire, then spend your money buying Diamonds. By doing so, you can get a higher value out of your investment! Another trick is to take advantage of top-up bonus events to double the Diamond purchase.

Note: Do not use illicit tools or generators to get Diamonds in Garena Free Fire. You'll subject to severe punishment from the devs for doing so.