Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one respectable cricket captain as he was the only one who has led the national team to win all ICC trophies. However, he is also quite well known among the gaming community for his passion for PUBG Mobile.

In a picture last year at the airport, when the Indian national cricket team was waiting to board the plane for the World Cup 2019, they were spotted playing PUBG Mobile on their devices, including captain MS Dhoni. Dhoni's teammate even said in an interview that he was addicted to PUBG Mobile at the time.

Pubg Dhoni F0af
The India cricket team plays PUBG Mobile while waiting for the plane to the World Cup 2019

However, it seems he has found a new favorite hobby for himself now, Call of Duty: Mobile. In an interview on the CSK Facebook Page, his teammate Deepak Chahar has revealed that MS Dhoni likes Call of Duty: Mobile more now.

The cricket captain still plays PUBG Mobile during the lockdown but he plays Call of Duty: Moile most of the time, making his skill in PUBG Mobile went down a little bit.

The glorious day in the cricket career of captain MS Dhoni has over,  so this is might be a good chance for him to join the esports scene in India. Maybe he is too old to be a professional player now, but he can do other things such as managing an esports team of his own or becoming an investor. Many world-class celebrities such as Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Ashton Kutcher, ... has also done the same.

Michael Jordan Mvp Madison Square Garden 1998 Gett
Michael Jordan, the NBA legend, has invested his 26 million dollars into an esports team

As the esports scene in India is growing at an extremely fast pace at the moment, this might become a common thing sooner or later.