Indian supermodels don't often gain the same amount of popularity as TV actresses since they don't get much screen time and often get excluded while directors invite starlets for their TV shows. As a result, not many people know about their name or the unique beauty that they own out of the catwalk carpets.

So today, let's have a look at 10 hottest Indian Supermodels female that is both beautiful and talented at the same time. These models will surely make their name famous on the showbiz really soon, so you'd better keep an eye for them.

Without wasting your time any longer, let's admire the figures and beautiful contours of the first one:

1. Ujjwala Raut

Date of Birth: 1978

The Raut family has given birth to two of the most outstanding figures for the TV scene. The more familiar one is Sonali Raut - the 29-year-old actress that set the screen on fire with her appearance in Bigg Boss 8. And the second one is her elder sister - Ujjwala Raut - the Supermodel that has made her name in the industry at her very young ages.

To be more specific, Ujjwala Raut was only 17 years old and was still studying as a student when her beauty started to bloom. Joining the Femina Miss India contest that year, her incredibly long legs and sexy body contours have gifted her the award of "Femina Look of the Year", and also brought Ujjwala Raut to the top 15 contestants in Elite Model Look contest in Nice, France.

indian supermodels female
Her success came very soon

From that moment, her life has moved to a new page with the chance to walk on the runway for many famous brands: Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Hugo Boss, and especially: VIctoria's Secret Fashion Show (which she attended twice consecutively in 2002 and 2003).

2. Ashleysha Yesugade

Date of Birth: 1991

Continuing with another famous name on India's runways, Ashleysha Yesugade is in fact very popular over the Asian fashion scene as well. She was born and raised with the best conditions in Mumbai, and she didn't let her lovers disappointed by becoming one of the hottest fashion names in both India and abroad.

Ashleysha Yesugade Indian Supermodels
Ashleysha Yesugade is one of the most famous Indian supermodels

Yesugade is not as tall as Ujwala Raut, but the assets that make this girl standing out from other models are her expressive body language and her attractive looks. Watching these pictures, you will learn the clear reason why she was nominated for Miss Bikini India 2007 and why the famous magazine MAXIM featured her twice in 2010 in India and 2011 in the United States.

Ashleysha Yesugade Indian Supermodels
Her face's contours and bodyline are very attractive

Even though she has been joining numerous contests such as Female of the Universe and FHM India, the supermodel still hasn't won any of those yet. But her activeness in the industry has made her face appear in various lists of 100 sexiest women, and given her the chances to become the model for Pantaloons and Hermes Paris.

3. Alesia Raut

Date of Birth: 1980

157cm is a modest number for the entry levels of height for Indian supermodels, let alone the ideal height. But with such disadvantages, Alesia Raut still soars in popularity despite the strict requirements of the fashion scene. With the exotic beauty of a half-Indian half-Russian, Alesia Raut has breathed a brand new wind to the runways of India, starting from Miss India Universe and Femina Miss India.

Indian Supermodels Alesia Raut
Alesia Raut is a half-Indian half-Russian model

Alesia Raut started to make her name to the big screen after winning the 1999 contest Look Of The Year. Her peak of the model career was a pageant for Miss India Universe, but we can not forget to mention her early steps walking for fashion shows like India Fashion Week and International Institute of Fashion Design show.

Alesia Raut Indian Supermodels
A familiar face in India's runways

Alesia Raut also found a chance to kick to another field - acting by joining the movie 'Fashion' - which Priyanka Chopra starred as the main female protagonist. Surely, she has found her joy and success in the happy land of India!

4. Carol Gracias

Date of Birth: 1978

If you've followed Bigg Boss from the very first season, you'll immediately realize the name of Carol Gracias - the runner-up of Bigg Boss 1 in 2006. However, that's not the only thing people remember about this Goan-Catholic supermodel since her professionalism was mostly shown through the wardrobe malfunction at the 2006's Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai.

Indian Supermodels female Carol Gracias
Carol Gracias the first runner-up of Bigg Boss 1

To be more specific, the top part of her dress fell off, exposing her breasts entirely. Despite being baffled about the incident, Carol Gracias still kept her face straight, fixed the dress as quickly as possible, and completed her walk. The professionalism that she has shown kept her at the top position and brought tons of criticism towards the event holders. But that doesn't matter too much for Carol.

Indian Supermodels Carol Gracias
It's very professional of the new mom

Apart from working as a model, Carol also takes part in movies and features in film albums as well. The most famous of those is the Bluffmaster's featured music video with Abhishek Bachchan.

5. Lakshmi Menon

Date of Birth: 1981

Now Lakshmi Menon is a very special case in the fashion industry, since she could not make her name remembered by actively walking on runways, but by the fact that there is a Bollywood actress with the same name soaring in popularity. Since people have seen a lot of commercial ads featuring the 1996-born actress, they accidentally come across the name of the supermodel, and that's the most unexpected turn of her career.

Indian Supermodels Lakshmi Menon
Lakshmi Menon's career only rose with the debut of the actress with the same name

She became a model completely naturally, as a scout came across her and cast her for past-time modeling since Laksmi Menon is 180cm tall. She turned into a full-time model after graduating, and even though she is very hard-working, the supermodel still had to admit that her success mostly came after the young Menon actress made her debut.

Indian Supermodels Lakshmi Menon
Her height is ideal for an Indian supermodel

But that's not a problem, since Lakshmi Menon is finding her own success now, with walking for Chanel show in Paris in 2006, starring for Vogue editorial in 2008, and many other events overseas.

6. Nina Manuel

Date of Birth: 1978

Voted as one of 100 sexiest women in the world by MAXIM, little knows that Nina Manuel didn't plan to become a model at first. She has studied commerce at university and was almost a lawyer after graduating until her mother found a casting advertisement on newspapers for Femina Look of the Year in 1995.

Nina Manuel Indian Supermodels
Nina Manuel didn't plan to become a model at first

And even though she didn't manage to win, her potentials were noticed by Mehr Jessica - the leading name in the fashion scene at that time. It opened up a new door to the bright future for Nina Manuel, securing her a lot of modeling contracts for some of the biggest names in a lot of categories like Levi's, The Indian Express, Coca-Cola and Kodak.

Nina Manuel Indian Supermodels
Nina Manuel at Vouge Beauty Award

7. Candice Pinto

Date of Birth: 1981

Unlike Nina Manuel, Candice Pinto has a deep love with working as an Indian supermodel, and even though her parents didn't want her to, she proved her talents by winning the GladRags contest. From that moment, the supermodel started to make the career that the majority of Indian new starlets are dreaming of.

Candice Pinto Indian Supermodels
Candice Pinto has a wonderful career

Her first contract came at her 22nd age - very soon for a new model. Candice Pinto also shined as the face of India in a lot of international beauty contests, and she didn't let her followers disappointed by winning many of them. She also made her effort to strike the Bollywood, but her movie would never come out, so we can't see more of her acting skills.

Candice Pinto Indian Supermodels
The face of India in many beauty contests

8. Jyotsna Chakraborty

This supermodel takes the inspiration from her own mother to strike the fashion scene and bringing a special fitness mantra of exercising outdoors, especially surya namaskar. Apart from her mother, Jyotsna Chakraborty also loves the walking style of Kanjeevaram saris, Gisele Bundchen and Indrani Dasgupta.

Jyotsna Chakraborty Indian Supermodels
Jyotsna Chakraborty has a simple but attractive look

All of those ladies are very charming, and their simple styles affect Jyotsna Chakraborty a lot.

9. Angela Johnson

Date of Birth: 1990

A lady from a well-being family - Angela Johnson was raised very well by the coffee exporter parents. However, she didn't want to follow what they're doing, and choose a brand new path of being a model. Her ambition started in 2011 after modeling for the Kingfisher Calendar, which led her to win the contest of Calendar Girl Hunt in the same year and also one of the 50 Most Desirable Women of India in 2011, compiled by Times.

Angela Jonsson became the judge for this competition the next year, which makes her name remembered as an experienced model expert. Achieving unprecedented success, she is now having another dream: becoming a Bollywood actress.

Angela Johnson Indian Supermodels
Angela Johnson at Vogue Beauty Awards

10. Preeti Dhata

We'll end this list of top 10 Indian Supermodels with a model owning a distinctive India's look - Preeti Dhati. The pretty model was spotted by a photographer on the way from school to home. She was learning business at that point, and if she didn't become a model, she would very likely to be a writer now. So lucky that we got this gem in the industry.

Preeti Dhati Indian Supermodels
Her face is more of a businesswoman, but her height is for Indian models

Her CV is very impressive with a wide range of modeling experience for huge brands such as Royal Enfield or L'Oreal. She also worked for many domestic editorials as well.

Preeti Dhati Indian Supermodels
Preeti Dhata has worked for many famous brands

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