On 10 December 2018, Epic Games has made an unexpected announcement of the removal of Infinity Blade Trilogy in App Store. In particular, the mobile game Infinity Blade, including all three titles Infinity Blade 1, Infinity Blade 2, Infinity Blade 3; is no longer available for purchase via App Store.

Infinity Blade Trilogy
This news obviously appeared as such sad news to those waiting for experiencing Infinity Blade on IOS devices.

Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade, a fighting game, is one of the successful products developed by Chair Entertainment and Epic Games. The first game title Infinity Blade was released via App Store back in 2010. At that time, it was considered one of the most ambitious and confident mobile game of a scale and scope on mobile devices. Unlike most iPhone games aiming at true gamers, Infinity Blade used Unreal Engine 3. It meant instead of trying and cramming console controls onto a touch screen, the game was designed to only work with a touchscreen.

Following the first and foremost,  the developers have published two more sequels of Infinity Blade 2 and Infinity Blade 3. Besides, the critical and financial success of the trilogy is believed to "take mobile gaming to new heights and push Epic Games in new, innovative directions.” 

Infinity Blade
Infinity Blade took mobile gaming to new heights and pushed Epic Games in new, innovative directions

The recent announcement

According to the announcement, the Infinity Blade Trilogy was pulled from App Store as the result of the difficulties in updating the game for newer hardware.

“With the development of Spyjinx and other projects, it has become increasingly difficult for our team to support the Infinity Blade series at a level that meets our standards.”

Besides, Donald Mustard, Epic Games’ global creative director, reconfirmed the vital position of Infinity Blade series to himself as well as Epic Games.

“The Infinity Blade series will always hold a special place for me personally and for Epic as a whole."

In the same post, Epic Games said to continuously provide the games with “updated Clash Mobs and other surprises,” so that “fans should be sure to check in frequently for special items.” Moreover, the current owners of the games could play and re-download the games from the same accounts "for the foreseeable future." Furthermore, as a "thank" to fans, Epic also set a free app of the Infinity Blade stickers. 

Last but not least, a new hint about the re-release of Infinity Blade was dropped on the announcement.

"We may findInfinity Bladepopping up in places you wouldn’t expect.”

Even though it was not a firm confirmation from Epic, that saying also set a popular theory that Infinity Blade will soon appear again in Fortnite or somewhere else in various forms.