The popular PC gaming platform – BlueStacks, which lets you download and play Android games from the Google Play Store, is now smaller, slicker, and yet more powerful than ever. This week, BlueStacks – creator of the innovative PC gaming platform that lets you play Android games on your PC – has two big announcements to make.

The first announcement is that BlueStacks 4 is out. blueStack 4 not only is the latest version of the software, more streamlined, running Android Nougat and considerably faster than the previous versions but also eight times quicker than BlueStacks 3. Additionally, it dramatically outpaces the cutting edge Samsung Galaxy 9X too. Because it runs on desktops and laptops, BlueStacks offers much faster speeds than mobile devices (up to six times faster than the Samsung Galaxy S9), plus the convenience of PC controls.

Clark Peng, vice president, head of product management for MSI said “PC gaming has emerged as a growth market driven by eSports, streaming, and games like PUBG and Fortnite. Today, most PC manufacturer’s gaming laptops and PCs represent a big percentage of their margin and growth”.

BlueStacks will run Lords Mobile 22.22% faster than the 9X. PUBG Mobile runs 12.6% faster on the platform, while Idle Heroes runs an astonishing 66.67% more quickly. With 300 million users playing 2 billion games every month, the platform has proven popular.

The second big announcement is that BlueStacks has partnered up with MSI to pre-install the BlueStacks client on MSI’s range of PCs and laptops. “By integrating BlueStacks deeply to create this new category of mobile gaming devices, we are giving something that the users need while expanding our potential market considerably. For the last five years, we have seen PCs lose to mobile devices, we will reverse that trend in the gaming market.”

“BlueStacks 4 represents a major new architecture for BlueStacks. Deep integration between Android runtime and Windows and its patented on-demand architecture has multiplied the performance gains," said Surman Saraf, chief technology officer of BlueStacks.